Charlamagne Has Scary Warning For Wendy Williams' Relationship With Her Husband: "I Hope She Wakes Up Before One Day She Doesn't Wake Up"

Charlamagne Has Scary Warning For Wendy Williams' Relationship With Her Husband: "I Hope She Wakes Up Before One Day She Doesn't Wake Up"
Credit: Source: Heightline

Charlamagne Tha God used to work for Wendy Williams when she was on the radio. The 'Breakfast Club' host has a scary warning for his former boss' relationship with her rumored abusive husband.

When speaking to the New York Post Charlamagne had some choice words for the talk show host and Kevin Hunter.

"I don’t f**k with Kevin. I think he’s a terrible human being. I will just tell you that I hope Wendy Williams wakes up before one day she doesn’t wake up."

Yikes! Charlamagne has always been hot and cold about his relationship with Hunter.

In a 2017 book. the radio personality wrote about the time he was fired by Kevin for a bad business deal between the two.

When asked about the 40-year-old, Wendy Williams borrowed a line from Mariah Carey and said she' didn't know' him.

The author seems to have changed his tune from last year when he told People: "I don’t have an issue. I can’t say that for [Williams and Hunter]. I know why me and her husband fell out, but I don’t know what he said to her. I don’t know what her perception is of why her husband says 'We don’t mess with him no more.'"

He clearly has an issue now and may know more about Kevin's allegedly abusive ways since he was close to the couple at one point.

Charlamagne isn't the only one worried about the safety of the professional gossiper. Kevin's own mother spoke to publications about witnessing her son abusing his wife earlier this year.

"I saw Kevin choking out Wendy! Another time, I witnessed him kicking the s*** out of her and pushing her down the stairs."

Meanwhile, Wendy is slated to make her return to 'The Wendy Williams Show' in March. What do you think about Charlamagne's statement?


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  • Jeannie
    Jeannie Feb 24, 2019 11:31 PM PST

    For the strong woman you see on your own show, giving advice to others. Take your own advice Ms. Wendy you are way better then that. God did not created women to be misuse. You'll returning on my Birthday. Which is a joyful day. God is awesome!!!

  • Vickie
    Vickie Feb 26, 2019 3:33 AM PST

    Why do a lot of women stay and take abuse? Kick bum in his jewels hard.!! He will stop, if he get enough he won't put his hands on you anymore.

  • Alina
    Alina Feb 25, 2019 12:40 AM PST

    I personally wish her all the best....but once she comes back to the show she has to talk and say what has really been going on, or she will make a joke and mockery of her own show....I for one will not continue to see the show if she decides not to be honest....thank s

  • Marcella Mitchell
    Marcella Mitchell Feb 24, 2019 3:15 PM PST

    Wendy , keep it real this your life he is a beater an a cheater lose that zero

  • Nancy
    Nancy Feb 25, 2019 3:15 AM PST

    Seems like 2many ppl close 2Wendy have expressed that her husband is in fact a monster include his mother, Wendy needs 2run. She definitely needs an intervention 4 battered wives. Gawd knows she's run her mouth abt others, now it's time 2 seriously practice what U preach! Stay safe! 🙏

  • Kathryn Delia
    Kathryn Delia Feb 24, 2019 3:52 PM PST

    This is crazy. I won't be watching the show anymore because of her private life. How's she going to be giving the lowdown on anyone else when that's what she lives with.

    • Oneseriousgem
      Oneseriousgem Feb 25, 2019 8:00 AM PST

      Well I will be watching because I don’t want to be a hypocrite and stop supporting her when clearly she needs us now.

    • Jo
      Jo Feb 24, 2019 7:20 PM PST

      No one truly understands the cycle of abuse unless they have walked in those shoes. It’s easy to say “just leave” looking from the outside in. It’s not easy. This is why many of these women end up murdered. I pray Wendy does not become another statistic, & that she gets the help she needs asap. Nothing ever justifies a man putting his hands on a woman, ever! My prayers are with Wendy.

  • Jackie Yates
    Jackie Yates Feb 25, 2019 3:39 AM PST

    Wendy, You have to let go of him. Remember LOVE don't hurt.

  • Jesse Perkins
    Jesse Perkins Feb 24, 2019 4:24 PM PST

    Wendy you can do this, please take some of the advice that you give. Are you really gonna let that loser ruin your career that you honestly earned. You have nothing to be ashamed of, let him have that home wrecker. You are a winner. Let's go Wendy! Love you!!!

  • Phyllis Jardine
    Phyllis Jardine Feb 25, 2019 5:30 AM PST

    Heyyyyyy, wow was hard in the beginning to let you go. Girlll it was like a nice drug. I made it.....I miss you alot.....I missed your beautiful smile....and dressing but off. If you come back, I'm there.

  • Sheila
    Sheila Feb 24, 2019 5:19 PM PST

    He is a Narcissist...this is narcissistic abuse! ... I'm praying for you Wendy ! God will provide!

  • Sandra
    Sandra Feb 25, 2019 5:45 AM PST

    I really don't cafe if Ms. Williams ever does the show. She needs to do "her", get well, and.get rid of the garbage in her life.

  • Itsallgood
    Itsallgood Feb 24, 2019 6:02 PM PST

    Wendy Williams #KNOWS Exactly what's going on. She DOESN'T want to let go. Even THOUGH she's #HotTopics Wendy Williams It's Your TURN

  • Joyce Hardney
    Joyce Hardney Feb 25, 2019 5:59 AM PST

    Money does strange things to people. They fail to realize that its power is limited. Love was God's greatest command not money. People seem to let it rule their emotions instead of Gods word. That's the problem. It may fix the outside of you but it does nothing for the inside and what it fixes on the outside is limited! God created us not money. Thats man made. Everything man touches he makes a mess of. Jeremiah 10:23- states, it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his own steps.

    • Joyce Hardney
      Joyce Hardney Feb 25, 2019 6:05 AM PST

      I just hope she realizes how important she should be to herself and those who really love her. I hope she prays then let go and let God. Lean on him and not her own understanding. He will make her path straight.

    ELBA PARRILLA Feb 24, 2019 6:35 PM PST

    Wendy You need to look out for yourself honey you are not the first women ever been abused you don't need this man to come back to your show and say bye bye to that man that hurts you come back to your show and do wendy we love you and hope you make the wright decision for yourself blessings for you and we cannot wait until you come back and say HOW YOU DOING💖💖💖💖

  • justtthetip
    justtthetip Feb 25, 2019 6:54 AM PST

    She needs to come back LIVE .Put all that stuff husband done to her live out on front drop.Stand up for every WOMAN that thinks is no way out. Show them the light.Even with her money is a way out.

  • Mary S
    Mary S Feb 24, 2019 7:12 PM PST

    Do what you gotta do,to get yourself together and back in the human race.Kick that no good husband to the curve and don't look back!Your fans are with you and the best is yet to come.Why did it take so long?

  • Frank
    Frank Feb 25, 2019 7:05 AM PST

    If you stick around and put up with crap like that, especially when you dont have to. Your pretty much saying .... go for it!!! Good luck with that Wendy.

  • T.Williams
    T.Williams Feb 24, 2019 7:38 PM PST

    Leave that man alone, he is not going to change always a cheater, always a beater. He will be like that for the rest of his life it’s up to you if you want to save your life, nobody can do it but you Wendy. You don’t need a man to complete you, you are a strong independent woman who can stand on their own been there before and have experienced it firsthand, please when do you wake up before it’s too late

  • Patricia Robinson
    Patricia Robinson Feb 25, 2019 7:27 AM PST

    I am a previous victim of Domestic violence, and I totally agree, now would be a good time for Wendy to get it All documented with lawyers, cops, family, etc...if anything ever happened to her he should be the 1st person that they check out; we are trying to save your Life; Don't let him destroy your Life and career that you worked so hard to build; distance yourself; I told a young lady the same thing in Houston about 5 years ago: the guy shot the girl, then himself, ; use your lawyers;pay him off and Get Out Now.....

  • Brenda Dunlap
    Brenda Dunlap Feb 24, 2019 7:45 PM PST

    I love Wendy and I just want her to return. Stay strong Wendy and God is good and he will take care of you. Love you hurry back, you will be ok.

  • Raw Honey
    Raw Honey Feb 25, 2019 7:52 AM PST

    I hope she has learned her lesson and returns with some level of humi

  • Sheila Wilson-Westbrooks
    Sheila Wilson-Westbrooks Feb 24, 2019 8:12 PM PST

    Praying All Will Be Well With You On Your Return To Television. Live In Your Truth Until The Truth Sets You Free "Wendy Williams"! Much Love For You And Your Son Kevin.

  • Raw Honey
    Raw Honey Feb 25, 2019 7:57 AM PST

    Hopes she returns with some level of humility She tended to ENJOY dragging people when they were at their worst Karma is a precise b**** She gotta take just like the other celebs But I hope she drops that zero HARD and makes it hurt!

  • Joyce Parker
    Joyce Parker Feb 24, 2019 8:28 PM PST

    Wendy sometimes people are their own worst enemy You know what is going on in your home Sleeping with the enemy will destroy you. Wish you strength

  • Veronica Smith
    Veronica Smith Feb 25, 2019 8:17 AM PST

    Truly Sad To Be In A Relationship Where One Joined As One Wants Out, & The Other Won't Leave Or Divorce. Call It Fear Of Being Alone At Any Price, Or Call It Pride. Basically The Partner Wanting Out Feels, Trapped, Suffocated, Manipulated, by Spouse Who Won't Grant Divorce. This For Spouse Wanting Out, Becomes; Dangerous Frustration. The Frustration Breeds: Violence, Anger, Hate, Resentment, Hostility, Physical & Mental Abuse, Against Spouse Not Granting Divorce. This Sounds Like Wendy's Husband He Has A Girlfriend Whom He Bought A House Down The Street From Original Home (This Is Done To Embarrasse & Humiliate Wendy To Force Her To Divorce Because Of Openness Of Cheating) Then To Further Try & Force Divorce Pregnancy Is Introduced. Since This Hasn't Produced Divorce Physical Abuse Is Used. Truly Dangerous & Sad Wendy Needs To Let Go Because She At The The Hands Of Her Husband Who Wants Out Could Get Permanently Hurt From Her Husbands Feelings Of Entrapment Her Husband Is In Love With Another Hating The One He Is With: Trying To Cling To The One, He Wants To Be With, Dispising Wendy, (His Hinder To His Happiness He Thinks In His Mind & Heart ) To Be With Who He Loves. It's Hard On The Spouse Not Willing To Let Go Both Mentally and Physically. Starting Over Is Not Something Anyone Wants To Face. But For Safety Of Sanity & Physical Health No Man Or Women Is Worth Six Foot Under. Life Is To Precious, Too Short.

  • Rita Mcclendon
    Rita Mcclendon Feb 24, 2019 9:37 PM PST

    My thing is, why put down everyone else's, relationship when you are living in the worse one of all. Lying for him, protecting him, and defending a low life, that cares nothing about you. No one deserves to be abused. It's time to concentrate on your own dysfunctional relation, it might save your life.

  • Jon LeTruix
    Jon LeTruix Feb 25, 2019 8:28 AM PST

    I believe Charlamagne. You can tell that Wendy’s bravado is full of paranoia and fear. I think Kevin is Wendy’s “dark night of the soul”. She needs to divorce this guy

  • Lala
    Lala Feb 24, 2019 3:17 PM PST

    Kick him to the curb you're better than that

  • 5
    5 Feb 25, 2019 8:40 AM PST

    Wendy needs to get away from that man before he kills her or does something very very bad

  • Jeff
    Jeff Feb 24, 2019 5:17 PM PST

    Moments like these suddenly black people want the po...lice..

  • Anna
    Anna Feb 25, 2019 9:00 AM PST

    Howudoin Windy? You've grabbed a snack, Now come on back❣🌹 We miss you 😍

  • Lthrz1
    Lthrz1 Feb 24, 2019 6:21 PM PST

    Quit holding on, give up the life of hell in which you're living (based on what your mother-in-law witnessed). Take your life back, to begin rebuilding your self-esteem. Quit hiding behind excuses, come clean. Stop protecting, lying, pretending, give-up the facade. You have nothing to lose with a loser.

  • Lula Marable Curry
    Lula Marable Curry Feb 25, 2019 9:01 AM PST

    If you are a strong black female as you claim to be. Be the woman that others can look up to in any situation no matter how bad It may seem. You’re either fearing a weak man who you have allowed to gain your mind because he has no power. You need to look to God who has all power over every situation In yours life and allow the right help and stop worrying about what the people say. And leave that abusive realationship. So your health can Improve .

  • Wanda Austin Austin
    Wanda Austin Austin Feb 24, 2019 7:15 PM PST

    Wendy just concerned feel better. You are amazing intelligent woman. Been there done that. If you need a friend I'm here for you. I miss your how you doing. Love a fan

  • Cindy
    Cindy Feb 25, 2019 9:16 AM PST

    Wendy, I am praying for you and your son. I pray that you are taking this time to heal your body and that the Lord gives you the strength you need to deal with your relationship. If your mother in-law actually saw Kevin being physically abusive to you, please leave the relationship. If not for youself, for Kevin, Jr. I don't want to read that you died by the hands of your husband. If you don't know how to move forward, ask the Lord for guidance and you shall Receive it. I wish you nothing but the best. I am looking forward to your return. I hope that will be soon.

  • Karin
    Karin Feb 24, 2019 8:01 PM PST

    Wendy, I was physically and mentally abused for 6 years. I have a daughter and a son. I didn’t want my daughter to think all men beat their wives. We left him and all his empty threats!!! We were fine! And happy. Leave that big puss and don’t look back. Pay him off. You will be fine!!!!

  • Viola Y Kinnebrew
    Viola Y Kinnebrew Feb 25, 2019 9:38 AM PST

    Prayers are with you Mrs Wendy! Your Fans Absolutely Love you and can't wait for your return. How you Doin? 😄❤😘

  • MoMo
    MoMo Feb 24, 2019 9:25 PM PST

    Wendy let Kevin Goooooo! God has bigger Blessings for you....Stay strong Sistah...

  • Donna
    Donna Feb 24, 2019 3:58 PM PST

    From one black woman to another,I don't know your story but if all that is circulating on the internet is true, you need to be done with him, that is mot better or worst, you leaving is surviving. You will be ok a little heart broken but you will get over it. You can do it

  • Sheila L. Brown
    Sheila L. Brown Feb 25, 2019 11:46 AM PST

    Wendy, you're a beautiful self-made Wonder Woman. Be strong as ever your fans love you so much. So, get things together cause I miss seeing you. Hot Topic is not that hot without your love. God bless you. Stand strong Ms. Williams. We are ready for our friend to come back to the "PURPLE CHAIR." & get down to business " HOW YOU DOING "🙏💕💕

  • Craig L Watson
    Craig L Watson Feb 25, 2019 11:20 AM PST

    I agree with Charlemagne and concern how can a man be so abusive even in front of your mother.

  • Veronica Olander
    Veronica Olander Feb 25, 2019 10:55 AM PST

    I believe the report of old co-workerd of what Kevin has done to Wendy. Wake up girl and help other women get away from an abusive situation!

    DEBORAH Feb 25, 2019 10:19 AM PST

    Wendy. Hope you are well. Ive missed you so much. Hope the rumors are wrong and you are safe and ready to return to us We love you!

  • Amari
    Amari Feb 24, 2019 5:58 PM PST

    it's obvious that Wendy is having some marital problems that she does not want to disclose with the public I think she needs to hit it head-on when she comes back to her show and I hope she drops her husband as her manager Wendy is very funny very engaging with her audience and she's put on that platform to gossip about the celebrities so whether she talks about it or not that's your job I'm rooting for Wendy's comeback without her husband

  • Irene Mewborn
    Irene Mewborn Feb 24, 2019 10:26 PM PST

    Hi, Wendy Williams truly I do not like your show.But do not like hearing about you keep taking abused by your husband.Wendy truly he doesn't love you anymore Because of his abuse in ways.Please there have been so many women murdered by their spouse.When are you going to realize his just using you for your money.I always have said if a man truly love's you he would never hurt you in any kind of is not supposed to hurt Wendy take the blinds of your eyes and save your self before it's to late life is so short

  • Msharmony6
    Msharmony6 Feb 24, 2019 8:14 PM PST

    I hope that she will take some of the harsh advice that she gives to others in dead end relationships.

  • Pat Horton
    Pat Horton Feb 24, 2019 7:43 PM PST

    Wendy let him have the money start fresh on your own you can do it let that scum bag go you will bounce back and be better than ever your fans got you

  • Quanisha lashawn
    Quanisha lashawn Feb 24, 2019 7:07 PM PST

    Any woman who is victimized deserves support in order to make the choice that suits her best, I only hope as she returns she would be less negative towards the people she puts down in her show like telling women to give up their careers because of age or lack of experience or tearing down people over their looks especially women. I am sure she would scream to high heaven if someone told her that at 54 she would be too old for what she does. She does that to people. I hope that is not a smoke screen to cover what is happening in her own life.

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