Chantel Jeffries And Machine Gun Kelly Rumored To Be In A Romance Following Outing

Chantel Jeffries And Machine Gun Kelly Rumored To Be In A Romance Following Outing
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According to a report from Page Six, Machine Gun Kelly and Chantel Jeffries were spotted hanging out together the other night and sporting nearly identical all-white outfits. On the 4th of July, the pair was spotted by paparazzi in Los Angeles wearing coordinated clothing.

Colson Baker, 29, who goes by the stage name, Machine Gun Kelly, was out with the 26-year-old DJ/model and they sparked rumors of a possible romance. Furthermore, spectators saw them at a comedy show just twenty-four hours later as well.

It's unclear where they were going, but insiders believe they must've been going to a party in which the theme was for attendees to wear all-white. As most know, Chantel first gained fame in the public eye when she was spotted hanging around Justin Bieber back in 2014 when he was arrested by Miami police.

While the incident proved to be a difficult one for Bieber, Chantel was able to foster a modeling and music career out of it. Machine Gun Kelly, on the other hand, recently ventured into acting, following his widely publicized feud with fellow rapper, Eminem, which ended in MGK's career coming under criticism.

Furthermore, following the online feud, MGK released an EP called, Binge, which was critically panned by his fans as well as his detractors. Some people on social media believe that his recent foray into the acting world was done out of necessity, mostly on account of the fact his status in the rap game isn't what it once was.

As it was previously reported, following Eminem's critically panned record, Revival, the rapper came out with a new LP right after called Kamikaze, in which he made reference to MGK's old comments regarding his daughter, Hailey.

When MGK created a diss-track with another rapper, Tech 9, Eminem heard it and responded shortly after. Nobody released a diss-track against Eminem, with the exception of MGK, after his "Rap Devil," went viral on YouTube and accrued millions of views within days.

After the feud, MGK received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Tommy Lee in the Netflix biopic based on the book, The Dirt.


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