Channing Tatum Has Reportedly Joined This One Popular Dating App Now That He's Single Again

Channing Tatum Has Reportedly Joined This One Popular Dating App Now That He's Single Again
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The actor is now single and ready to mingle! Channing Tatum and his now-ex, singer Jessie J, are no longer a couple and so, one insider report claims to know that he’s joined a dating app, trying to find romance again.

2020 is right around the corner and it sounds like one of Channing Tatum’s New Year’s resolutions is to not be single when 2021 rolls up.

That being said, he’s apparently joined a pretty popular love-finding app named Raya!

One source tells E! News that ‘He's been on Raya for a few weeks now. He'd love to be dating someone and he is not shy about it. He wants to have fun once again and he does not care if he meets somebody online, a setup or by walking down the street. A friend suggested Raya and he figured he had nothing to lose by joining.’

This comes after the same news outlet reported earlier this month that the actor and Jessie J were no longer together after dating for a year or so.

However, they also stressed that there was no drama and that the exes are still friendly.

Even though he is single and wishes to have some romance in his life, that stuff would not affect Channing’s holiday season in a negative way since he is looking forward to wrapping it all up alongside his daughter with ex Jenna Dewan.

The dad-daughter duo were at Frozen the Musical not too long ago and the actor definitely enjoyed It as much as his child did since he dubbed the show as ‘seriously magical.’

And that’s not all! He revealed on Instagram that there are also other activities he enjoys with the daughter.

‘We love wrestling and boxing. We keep it fun. I heard once that martial arts was created just to take the mystery out of a fight. So people started to practice it. So if there came a time when they had to defend themselves they would not be as afraid. Violence is 100% never the answer. However, having a daughter, I want her to always feel safe in her own being. And god help the person who ever poke the beast inside this little angel.’

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