Channing Tatum Explains Why He Chose To Ditch Social Media For The Foreseeable Future

Channing Tatum Explains Why He Chose To Ditch Social Media For The Foreseeable Future
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According to a report from Page Six, Channing Tatum is about to say "goodbye" to social media for a little while. The 39-year-old actor shared the news on his Instagram this past Wednesday that he has been finding it difficult to find inspiration and creativity after spending a lot of time on the internet.

The actor said before his millions of followers that he'll "probably come back at some point," however, he wants to have a clear plan for himself in terms of how he'll use social media from now on.

In the past, Tatum has starred in films such as 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike , and he also owns two different production companies, Iron Horse Entertainment, and Free Association Productions. The star wrote in his post that he believes inspiration and creativity always come when you least expect it.

"She'll be back when the time is right." As followers of the Magic Mike alum know, Tatum has approximately 8 million followers on Twitter as well as 17 million on Instagram. In the past, the star has been more than candid on social media, including his revelations of therapy as well as his relationship with the singer-songwriter, Jessie Jay.

The star even posted a nude picture of himself on the platform that she took. Channing, in recent years, sparked controversy when he and his ex-wife revealed they were splitting up after approximately nine years of marriage.

Channing was formerly married to the model, Jenna Dewan, however, sources claim the time apart as well as the demands of their careers, respectively, played a fundamental role in their undoing. This won't be the first time such an issue has negatively impacted a celebrity couple.

Rumor has it that the same problem was at play between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, who announced their split earlier this year. It came after months of speculation, agitated by Cooper's performance with Lady Gaga at the Academy Awards.

Back in 2006, Channing and Jenna first met, and they wound up getting married in Malibu, in 2009. Last year on the 2nd of April, 2018, Channing and Jenna announced they were separating. They have one six-year-old daughter.

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