Channing Tatum Can’t Stop Flirting With Jessie J Over Her Sultry Instagram Pictures

Channing Tatum Can’t Stop Flirting With Jessie J Over Her Sultry Instagram Pictures
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Channing Tatum can't stop flirting with girlfriend Jessie J when she posts hot Instagram pictures. The hunky actor is not shy about making fun little comments to let his lady love know she has caught his attention.

The singer used social media to share a black and white photo of herself from behind, wearing a sheer black dress. It is one of those fun but steamy photos that certainly got her man's engine revved up.

Although the picture is meant to be relaxing and fun, she is standing with her arms out to the side as if she is dancing around a field, her photo is not reflective of her mood.

"This picture is the opposite of my mood Stressy J.Doing knee slides through my house trying to pack at the speed of light. You know when you have SOOOO much to do you laugh at yourself and then start to cry and then laugh again and then cry more. Then need a snack," Jessie J captioned the since-deleted post.

However, before she got the chance to delete it from the social media world, Comments By Celeb quickly noticed Tatum's fun, flirty remarks. He was clearly trying to make his lady love feel better as she dealt with her stress in her life.

"Can I be the snack?" asked the Magic Mike hunk.

The couple, who became Instagram official last fall, have spent a good part of their relationship being exchanging witty fun loving remarks each other on social media. Tatum has praised her various concert performances , as well as shared the sweetest birthday message that left fans swooning.

Last month the actor gave the world a treat when he posed in his birthday suit after losing a game of Jenga to his girlfriend. He admitted the shower picture was all because of Jessie J, who had the best response.

"Sharing is caring," the singer commented

He later shared two fun-loving pictures of the two on Instagram laughing captioning them "Us watching the likes go up on my last post."

Jessie J and Channing Tatum are not afraid to get their flirt on via Instagram. Their fun laid back banter and remarks show fans they like to have fun with each other. It has only been a few months, but the singer and actor are already social media relationship goals.


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