Chanel West Coast Is Considering Leaving California!

Chanel West Coast Is Considering Leaving California!
Credit: Source: Complex

Up until this point, it's been all in the name for Chanel West Coast. However, we may be calling her Chanel Midwest or even Chanel East Coast now.

Anyone privy to real estate pricing knows that the closer you are to a major city, the pricier living arrangements become. Surely Chanel has acquired quite a nice stash from appearing on Rob Dyrdek's MTV shows but even the reality star isn't willing to spend a large amount of money for a small space.

Chanel took to social media to say that she may be moving away from LA.

'Been  looking for houses in other states because I honestly can’t stand L.A. anymore. I could literally live like Richie Rich in some states compared to this overpriced house I’m in now. Can’t wait to buy a house elsewhere and [get the f*** out of here].'

This isn't the only reason that the rapper could be choosing to start anew. The Sharon Stone singer recently called out her so-called friends for now helping her promote her new single.

She says she asked for some of them to create a dance challenge, as that's how many songs have been blowing up lately via Tik Tok, and didn't get the response she wanted.

'So, I've reached out to a lot of my friends well, I look at them as friends. You know, if we follow each other, invite each other to each other's events if you know we send each other new song releases or whatever each other got going on and ask each other [for] support you're my friend or acquaintance you could call it. I've asked a few people to do the dance challenge to my song, people who I know can dance and do that, and a few of them had the nerve to not even text me back.'

She went on to say that they would be sorry because she's going to blow up.

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