Chandler Riggs Heading Back For The TV Screen Following "Walking Dead" Departure

Chandler Riggs Heading Back For The TV Screen Following "Walking Dead" Departure
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According to a report from, Chandler Riggs, the star of The Walking Dead , announced he has secured his first television role since ending his time on the aforementioned zombie series. As fans of TWD know, Chandler's character, Carl, was eliminated in the 2018 season.

Riggs took to his Twitter to tell his fans that "four days ago, I was almost unemployed for a full year." The star said that things in life often change drastically, and fast, so there's no reason to give up at any point. If one continues to put in the work, success is inevitable.

However, the 19-year-old didn't reveal any details on the character or the show he's starring in. As most know, Riggs came to prominence as a result of his role on The Walking Dead , which first premiered nine years ago, in 2010.

He stayed with the series through much of his teenage years, only now becoming an adult, and embarking on a new path. Incidentally, it must've been quite challenging for Chandler to become so accustomed to a TV show, only to be killed off without much warning.

Moreover, at 19-years-old, Chandler Riggs is at the most vulnerable point of his life: the point at which most young people slowly mature into adults.

As it was previously reported, Chandler shot himself in the head shortly before turning into a zombie at the beginning of the 8th season, after he was bitten in the side of his stomach by a zombie. Carl was saving an unknown man at the time, despite what his father asked of him.

In the series, Chandler's death was supposed to show a turning point in the development of Andrew Lincoln's character, Rick. In other words, in Carl's final days, he desperately tried to show to his father that he and the rest of the gang had to fight for a world that was worth fighting for.

There was no point in building a society and a civilization if it was brutal, bloody, and gruesome.


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