Chance The Rapper Says Sorry For Collaborating With R. Kelly

Chance The Rapper Says Sorry For Collaborating With R. Kelly
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Chance the Rapper is speaking his truth. The Chicago-native recently apologized to victims of sexual misconduct, especially in the case of R. Kelly, who has been in the headlines yet again for allegedly abusive behavior.

As it was previously reported, a new documentary series airing on Lifetime called Surviving R. Kelly is all about the R & B singer's supposed misconduct over the years, as well as the complicity among music industry leaders.

However, it appears as though Mr. Kelly's luck has run out, and now, other people in the scene are being very forceful in their opinions of him, including Chance, Charlamagne Tha God, John Legend, and a few others. Reportedly, Aaliyah, who passed away in 2001, was in a sexual relationship with the singer at one point - a claim contested by her mother.

On Saturday evening, a recording came out involving Chance The Rapper in which he referred to their track together, "Somewhere in Paradise." In a clip which aired in the final episode of the docu-series, he said that making a song with the controversial artist was a big mistake.

Later, on Twitter, Chance came out again and said, "I apologize to all of his survivors for working with him and for taking so long to speak out." However, Chance criticized the series for misquoting an interview he did with Jamilah Lemieux, where they suggested he made it seem like he didn't value the victims' stories because they were black women.

The Chicago-born man said that people were defending R. Kelly at the detriment of black women, especially his victims. In the clip, the rapper said that we, as a society, are "programmed" to think of oppression of black people as it relates to men but rarely women.

He wasn't the only person to speak out against R. Kelly in the brand new docu-series. John Legend also spoke at length about R. Kelly and his rise in the industry as well as the influence of his art, notably, the hit song "I Believe I Can Fly." Legend, later said he didn't care about his critics, because he refuses to support a "serial child rapist."

Last year, BuzzFeed reported that the R & B singer was holding women in what they described as a "sex cult." Parents of one young woman said Kelly was holding their daughter hostage, but a video from the girl herself, published on YouTube, featured her saying she was just fine. It's unclear what is true and what isn't at this point, as there haven't been any official charges.

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