Chance The Rapper Reveals A Photo From His Recent Wedding To Longtime GF Kirsten Corley

Chance The Rapper Reveals A Photo From His Recent Wedding To Longtime GF Kirsten Corley
Credit: Source: Kirsten

This past Saturday, Chance The Rapper married his longtime girlfriend, Kirsten Corley, while at the Pelican Hill resort in Newport Beach, California. Despite their troubles over the years, sources claim their wedding went off without a hitch.

Even though they tied the knot officially back in December of 2018, Chance and his GF chose to recite their vows in front of 150 family and friends, including some prominent stars like Kim Kardashian and her husband, as well as comedian Dave Chappelle.

Born Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, Bennett donned a white tuxedo jacket as well as a black bow-tie. His bride wore a Galia Lahav ballgown. Azeeza Khan was the designer to style her bridal shower as well as the engagement outfits.

As it was previously reported, Chance and Kirsten have had a long history with each other. He once took to his Twitter account to tell the story of how they met. Apparently, it all got started back in 2003 when Chance was just 9-years-old and his mother took him and his father to an office party.

She took Chance and her dad to a party so they could get to know the people she worked with, and in the midst of playing his Gameboy and eating candies, Chance spotted Kirsten who performed with her friends a rendition of a Destiny's Child song. Chance joked that he knew instantly he would marry her.

Kirsten and Chance have had a rocky relationship over the years, having a child out of wedlock just a few years ago and even splitting up more than once. Moreover, Kirsten once went to the court to get Chance to pay child support, however, they inevitably settled their differences.

Chancellor Bennett, in recent years, has garnered a name for himself as a philanthropist of sorts. Rumor has it that the rapper even invested significant money into SoundCloud to keep their doors open in the midst of almost declaring bankruptcy.

Bennett claims that SoundCloud proved to be extremely important in the beginnings of his career, and couldn't let such a valuable platform go down in a tragic way.


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