Challenging Divorce From Brad Pitt Makes It Unlikely That Angelina Jolie Will Ever Get Married Again

Challenging Divorce From Brad Pitt Makes It Unlikely That Angelina Jolie Will Ever Get Married Again
Credit: Us Weekly

After officially divorcing Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has reportedly been taking some time to reflect on her current life situation, especially with regards to her future relationships.

Also, according to reports, the star is considering never getting married again.

It is not clear if the reason is that her marriage with Pitt was particularly bad, or if she is merely tired to go through the whole game again.

However, at this point, it is possible that Jolie might choose to stay single for the rest of her life.

According to sources close to the mother of six, she does feel sad about the end of her relationship with the Hollywood producer, as it marked a major period of her life.

One insider stated: "Angelina is living life in acceptance that things are over for good with Brad and that with her removing his last name, they are moving further away from each other, and she is OK with all of it."

The person also added: "Still, it makes her a bit sad as she realizes that this is the end of a very big and meaningful part of her life. She had a lot of love for Brad and thought she would always be a Pitt, so this has been a challenging time. The divorce and name change has been a challenging experience which has made her question whether or not she will ever get married or take on someone else’s name ever again."

She does not hold any animosity for her ex-husband, although the two still have not sorted out all the legal issues surrounding their divorce.

However, they did request an acceleration to the process of officially separating from each other, as they both wanted to move on with their lives.

Custody and asset separation issues are still to be settled though, and it looks like the two still have some meetings in court coming up.

Or at least, their lawyers are going to deal with each other for some time.

Pitt himself has not talked that much about the situation, although sources indicate that he is also ready to move on with his life at this point.

The actor does not have any bad feelings for his former partner either, although he shares the sentiment that it is time to move on.

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