Chaka Khan Blasts Ariana Grande Following Their Charlie's Angels Collaboration

Chaka Khan Blasts Ariana Grande Following Their Charlie's Angels Collaboration
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Chaka Khan says what's on her mind, that much is for certain. According to a report from Page Six, Chaka Khan recently addressed the idea of working with Ariana Grande on a song, and Khan said, "f*ck her."

During a chat with Vlad from VladTV , Khan said concisely that Ariana was going to do just fine on her own. She then went on to dismiss Grande as just "alright." Khan stated, "she's good on her own," before going on to say that she didn't want to sing alongside another woman because she would rather get a message across by herself.

Interestingly, Khan just got finished working on the soundtrack to Charlie's Angels , in which Ariana also participated. When asked about the song at Variety's Power of Women luncheon back in 2019, Khan said she liked it but it wasn't going to "change the world, "ok?"

You can check out what Chaka Khan had to say in the YouTube video below:

As it was noted above, Khan is a woman with boundaries. Back in 2019, it was reported that Khan wasn't happy when she found out Kanye West had sampled her song, "Through The Wire," and sped it up for his own track.

According to Khan, she gave permission to use her song from 1984 , "Through The Fire," but she didn't know Kanye West was going to change it in the way that he did. During a chat with Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen , the star discussed how Kanye told her he managed to use her music to help him recover from a car accident back in 2002.

Right after getting out of the hospital, Kanye called her up on the phone and said that her music was very important to him during his recovery. Khan claimed Kanye told her he had to eat "through the wire," because his mouth was sewed shut.


Khan said it really touched her emotionally, however, when she listened to the final song after it was completed, she wasn't happy with how it turned out.

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