Chadwick Boseman's Final Tweet Breaks Records As The Most Liked Of All Time

Chadwick Boseman's Final Tweet Breaks Records As The Most Liked Of All Time
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Chadwick Boseman 's last tweet before he passed away due to colon cancer has broken records as the most-liked tweet ever on the social sharing platform. Hot New Hip Hop says Boseman passed away after a colon cancer battle on Friday.

Twitter's official account confirms it was the "most liked Tweet ever," before going on to say it was a "tribute for a king." Thus far, Boseman's tweet has 5.9 million likes as well as 2.9 million retweets.

A statement from the actor's family at the time of his death's revelation claimed it was with "immeasurable grief" that they confirmed Chadwick had died . They added that Chadwick had been diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago, and for the last four years, he fought it until the bitter end.

It was reported earlier this weekend that Chadwick had spent a lot of his time up until his death with terminally ill patients. The actor appeared at St. Jude's hospital where he spoke with suffering children who just happened to be  Black Panther  fans. 

In a past interview, Chadwick discussed what it was like to speak to terminally ill kids who wanted to see Black Panther when it came out but died without ever getting a chance. The actor reportedly broke down crying as he told the story.

The Black Panther star's tragic death comes as a huge surprise to many of his fans, although, some believed there was trouble in paradise for a number of reasons.

For instance, media outlets captured a photograph of the actor walking with one of his family members, and social media users noted how frail and skinny he looked . While most were overwhelmingly sympathetic, some poked fun at him and compared his gaunt frame to his muscular body in Black Panther .

Boseman's unfortunate death has been commemorated by some of the biggest actors to ever do it, including Denzel Washington , who reportedly paid for part of his Oxford University education. Washington wrote a statement in which he described Boseman as incredibly talented and a "gentle soul."

TBS revealed this week they would be airing Black Panther on their network without commercials.

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