Chadwick Boseman Was Reportedly Prepping To Film 'Black Panther' Sequel Before His Passing

Chadwick Boseman Was Reportedly Prepping To Film 'Black Panther' Sequel Before His Passing
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The devastating passing of Chadwick Boseman took everyone by surprise and now, the tragic event still has his fans and loved ones in pain.

The Shade Room revealed that a lot of people are reflecting on his passing, and a new report just surfaced.

'As many reflect on his very impressive career, a new report reveals that he was attempting to reprise his most famous role as T’Challa in the #BlackPanther sequel just a week before he sadly passed away from colon cancer,' TSR writes.

They are citing info from Hollywood Reporter and note that 'up until only a week before his passing, Chadwick Boseman was convinced that he was going to beat colon cancer and be able to gain the weight back he needed in order to film the sequel to the record-breaking film “Black Panther.” The sequel to the 2018 Academy Award-winning film, was set to go into production in March 2020—and Chadwick was even scheduled to begin preparing for the film beginning this month.'

TSR continued and notes that 'Now, Disney is scrambling and completely uncertain on if or how it should proceed with the planned sequel. Chadwick Boseman is the central character of the film and it would make no sense to have it without him—and the studio could recast.'

On the other hand, as people already know by now, fans are very attached to Chadwick in the role and having another actor in the role of T’Challa likely won’t be received with too much joy.

Someone said: 'Don’t proceed at all. Let it alone. Black panther, infinity war, end game all perfect 👌🏾. Let his legacy be ❤️' and another follower posted this message: 'Leave the movie alone cuz no one should be replacing him!'

One other commenter wrote: 'He can never be replaced but my hope is that Disney cast an actor with as much skill, honor and distinction as Chadwick to preserve his incredible legacy! 🏆His presence in the movie will be missed to say the least!'

Someone else posted this: 'They have to figure something out. That series is too important to Black people, not to continue on. EVEN if it means recasting his position. I’m sure he’d be okay with it. He knew how important that movie was for the culture!'

What do you think about all this?

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