Chadwick Boseman Was Fired From "All My Children" Due To A Stereotypical Black Character - Michael B Jordan Took His Place!

Chadwick Boseman Was Fired From "All My Children" Due To A Stereotypical Black Character - Michael B Jordan Took His Place!
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Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, unbeknownst to many of their fans, actually already had a mutual connection before their massive breakout roles in Black Panther.  At one point in Boseman's career, he had a job on All My Children, a weekly soap opera, however, he was fired after criticizing the stereotypical portrayal of his black character.

Chadwick told producers he wasn't pleased with the racial stereotypes that came as part-and-parcel of his character. Unfortunately, they fired him and brought in Michael B. Jordan instead.

Although, it appears as though the producers and writers took his criticisms seriously because they then updated his character to be more sophisticated and more of an individual, rather than a characterization of a common ethnic stereotype.

The Wrap was the outlet to discover precisely what happened on the set of All My Children. The publication sat down with the actor and Boseman explained that he had a lot of issues with Reggie Montgomery - his persona on  All My Children.

Boseman said that he wanted to portray the character in a way that wasn't so stereotypical. His mistake, however, was the fact he told others on the set his intentions.

As a consequence, he was fired and replaced with Michael B. Jordan. At that time, Jordan was just finishing his time on The Wire. Boseman said, "they said, 'you are too much trouble,' but they took my suggestions or some of them. And for me, honestly, that's what this is about.'"

Jordan added that he is younger than Chad and he was coming to All My Children r ight after The Wire.  Jordan explained that he was playing a role, not realizing that he was benefiting the sacrifices that another person had made for him. It was as if Boseman paved the way for his  All My Children  character.

Speaking on the purpose of their acting careers, Jordan said he and the rest of the cast and crew hopefully forged a path for the next generation of actors/actresses with the production of Black Panther.  The idea is to portray minority cultures without common stereotypes.


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