Chadwick Boseman Is Honored With A Posthumous Emmy

Chadwick Boseman Is Honored With A Posthumous Emmy
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The actor, who passed away from colon cancer in August 2020 at the age of 43, earned the award for his work in Marvel's What If...? series on Saturday night at the Creative Arts Emmys event.

Chadwick's portrayal as Star-Lord T'Challa in the "What If... T'Challa Was becoming a Star-Lord?" episode earned him the award for outstanding character voice-over performance.

Along with F. Murray Abraham (Moon Knight), Julie Andrews (Bridgerton), Maya Rudolph (Big Mouth), Stanley Tucci (Central Park), Jessica Walter (Archer), and Jeffrey Wright (What If...), he was named in the same category.

It was Chadwick's first consideration for and victory at an Emmy. Simone Ledward Boseman, the late Chadwick's wife, received the honor on her husband's honor. At the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Simone addressed the audience and described how her late husband had to record the part while dealing with a personal health issue.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she remarked, "When I found out that Chad was up for this honor, I began thinking about all that was happening when he was filming everything that was going on in the globe and in our world and being a part of such admiration of his passion and his devotion.

Simone proceeded, "And what a brilliantly timed occasion it truly was that one of the last things he would perform on was not only rehashing a persona that was so essential to him and his professional life and to the world but that it would also be a discovery of something new, diving into a prospective new future, especially with everything he's mentioned intent and discovering the purpose that you are here on the planet at this very time.

You cannot comprehend your mission until you are prepared to ask the hypothetical question, "What if," and respond, "What if the universe is working in my favor? What if it's me?"


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