Chad Johnson's Girlfriend, Annalise Mishler, Makes Shocking Claims About The Bachelorette Alum

Chad Johnson's Girlfriend, Annalise Mishler, Makes Shocking Claims About The Bachelorette Alum
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Fans of The Bachelorette remember Chad Johnson as being the villain during JoJo Fletcher’s season where he became known as “Bad Chad.” When he didn’t win Fletcher’s heart, Johnson later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise , but host Chris Harrison kicked him off the show in the first episode because of his horrible behavior and violent tendencies.

Since then, Johnson has struggled to cash in on his reality show fame and he’s made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, police arrested Johnson for domestic violence after his girlfriend, Annalise Mishler, posted a video on Instagram of Johnson trying to break into her apartment.

Later, the couple reconciled and started appearing in adult videos together on the website OnlyFans . Johnson has claimed that they are making more money with these videos than he ever made on reality television and he is happy about the career move, but Mishler says there is a lot more to the story.

During a recent appearance on The Domenick Nati Show , Mishler dished on her relationship with Johnson and said there were times that Johnson forced her to do things sexually that she didn’t want to do.

Mishler claims that Johnson has forced her to pleasure him when she wasn’t feeling well, even when she was recovering from surgery. She also revealed that Johnson doesn’t like to talk about his sexuality, and “gets weird” during discussions about sexual history and if he has any interest in men.

When Nati asked about the money the couple has made from their OnlyFans videos, Mishler said that she doesn’t know how much they have made because he got drunk one night and changed the password on the account. She added that he took all of the money and put it in his own bank account.

Johnson recently told The Daily Mail that he was thinking about moving to Nevada because “houses are so cheap in Vegas” and he could afford to buy a mansion where he could set up multiple studios in each room and make adult videos. However, Mishler says that Johnson has never had any money and doesn’t work.

“There’s no way in hell he’s going to buy a mansion in Las Vegas, or even rent one, or paying everyone that goes into that,” said Mishler, adding that it took Johnson two months to pay her $1,200 for breaking her phone.

Other claims Annalise Mishler made in the interview - which you can listen to in the video above - include Johnson constantly being drunk and carrying a breathalyzer where he always blows a .40. She also says that he uses steroids, he stole from charity, and he violated the protective order and could go back to jail.


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