Chad Johnson Reveals His Plans To Pursue An Adult Film Career In Las Vegas

Chad Johnson Reveals His Plans To Pursue An Adult Film Career In Las Vegas
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Former Bachelorette star Chad Johnson has revealed that he wants to make a major life change because he says that his recent arrest for domestic violence has killed his potential career in Hollywood.

Johnson recently told The Daily Mail that he is tired of “basically being f*cked around by Hollywood” and he needs money, so he needs to figure something out. Therefore, the reality star has decided he wants to move to Las Vegas and “take the power back” by entering the adult film industry.

Last month, prosecutors charged Johnson with six misdemeanor crimes after an argument with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Annalise Mishler, turned physical. Johnson has denied the allegations that he abused Mishler.

However, Johnson’s legal case is currently in limbo because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The courts in Los Angeles are currently closed, and all of Johnson’s court dates have been postponed.

Johnson’s attorney said at the time that the Bachelorette alum looks “forward to the opportunity to ensure his rights are protected and his name is rightfully cleared once this national emergency is resolved.”

In the meantime, the Famously Single star needs to make money, and he has started an Only Fans social media account to make that happen. Only Fans is a platform featuring adult content, and fans can access it through a paid subscription.

“I’ve always had a really crazy high sex drive, so it’s been pretty easy for me to be able to make money off of it — [it] is f—ing amazing,” explained Johnson. “I don’t regret it at all, I always knew I’d do something in this industry I just wasn’t sure what.”

Johnson explained that he could move to Nevada because “houses are so cheap in Vegas” and he could afford a compound. He said he could set up multiple studios in every room of a home and fly people in to shoot.

“I think it’s intriguing to people I guess, for a famous person to go from doing shows where you’re watching their personality to all of a sudden doing full-blown porn,” admitted Johnson.

After “grinding” in Los Angeles for several years and dealing with the “liars of Hollywood” who would promise him work and then never follow through, Chad Johnson says he is finally doing something that is making him money and is also making him happy.

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