Chad Johnson Claims Farrah Abraham Treated Him Like A Lowly Servant

Chad Johnson Claims Farrah Abraham Treated Him Like A Lowly Servant
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In a new interview with Us Weekly, Chad Johnson opened up to the publication about what it was like to work with Farrah Abraham, who apparently treated him in a manner he wasn't overly pleased with. The 31-year-old reality star said, "Farrah's just Farrah and she can kind of go off sometimes and lose it a little bit."

The star said he believes she goes so far as to totally forget that she's not "talking to her assistant." As a consequence, the reality star explained, he deals with Farrah by drawing a line in the sand. Explained in another way, he draws personal boundaries, that way she knows to "chill out" a bit.

Farrah first came to prominence as a young girl on Teen Mom OG. In recent days, Farrah has been in the media for more negative reasons, including when she and another reality star almost duked it out. Fortunately, for Farrah, the fight between her and Drita D'Avanzo never came to fruition as the latter hoped.

According to Chad, there are moments where he walks up behind her, and she tells him the "plates need to be cleaned," so he tells her in return, "Ok, so why are you telling me? Clean them then." Currently, Farrah and Chad are starring in the second season of the new MTV series, Ex on the Beach.

When probed about whether he's dating someone or not, Chad said that people would have to tune in to watch. Previously, Johnson made headlines when he stepped out while holding hands with the recently divorced reality star, Kendra Wilkinson, on the 21st of January.

Following their day out together, Johnson said to the publication that Kendra was an "amazing girl." As you may know, the 33-year-old and her ex, Hank Baskett, called off their marriage back in April 2018. They have two kids together, Alijah and Hank the fourth- they're four-years-old and nine-years-old respectively.

Formerly, a source said to the outlet that Kendra wasn't interested in getting into a serious relationship right now. However, she is having "fun" dating Johnson.

Rumor has it that Hank and Kendra broke up after it was revealed Hank supposedly cheated with a transgender model. In other words, it was the incident that served as the straw which broke the camel's back.

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