CEO Of Disney Claims He Considered Buying Twitter But There Is Too Much 'Nastiness'

CEO Of Disney Claims He Considered Buying Twitter But There Is Too Much 'Nastiness'
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According to a report from, Bog Iger, the CEO of Disney, recently announced that he and the board of directors at Disney considered purchasing Twitter, however, they chose not to on account of the behavior of some of its users among other reasons, including the massive responsibilities it would come with.

Speaking with reporters from the New York Times, Bob said that the Walt Disney Company considered taking on the responsibility of managing Twitter, however, the consequences far outweighed the benefits.

Bob said he considered buying the social media juggernauts, however, he couldn't get over the feeling of continuous dread. Mr. Iger has a memoir coming out this Monday called, The Ride Of A Lifetime , in which he explained that purchasing Twitter was on the table for the purpose of improving Disney's ability to "modernize its distribution."

Mr. Iger said to reporters from The Times that there were branding issues, considerations regarding how technology affects our society, as well as the purported "nastiness." The CEO of Disney stated he loved following different subjects on Twitter, however, he began asking himself why he put himself through "this pain."

According to Iger, there is a lot of potential to do good with social media platforms, but there is also a lot of potential to do tremendous harm as well. "I didn't want to take that on," the Disney CEO remarked.

Earlier this year, Disney completed its acquisition of 20th Century Fox, a competing movie studio. For years, industry insiders, as well as actual television programs, such as The Simpsons, alluded to the future where Disney would buy up competing studios such as 20th Century Fox.

In 2019, Bob Iger has been more vocal regarding social and political issues, including the Heartbeat Bill, whereby certain states would prohibit abortions past 6-7 weeks, which is reportedly the same time when women begin noticing they're pregnant.

Bob stated that he would consider pulling movie productions out of the state of Georgia had they passed the law and effectively implemented it. Georgia is notorious for its extremely lucrative film industry, next to California. In other words, a boycott would hurt the state tremendously.

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