CEO Of Disney Bob Iger Says He's "Open-Minded" About Kevin Hart's Return As Oscar's Host

CEO Of Disney Bob Iger Says He's "Open-Minded" About Kevin Hart's Return As Oscar's Host
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For the last month, controversy has surrounded Kevin Hart ever since it was announced by the Academy as well as Hart himself that he would host this year's Oscars ceremony. However, unfortunately for Kevin, Twitter users and other media publications unearthed decades-old tweets in which Kevin made supposedly homophobic jokes.

As a result, the Oscars decided to either ask for Kevin to apologize or step-down from the position. Kevin, on Instagram, explained he had addressed these tweets more than once before and would have to decline their invitation.

Subsequently, he went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where the host petitioned for Kevin to hold this year's Oscars. But thus far, it's looking like Kevin will not do so, and the Academy is now scrambling to find someone to host.

The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, during Sunday's Golden Globes, said to Variety that he will remain "open-minded" regarding what the Academy chooses to do. In other words, he's not against having Kevin Hart host the show at all. Last night, the Kevin Hart controversy as the topic du jour among Golden Globe attendees and interviewers.

Iger told reporters he has been "following the issue" but has chosen to stay out of the decision. The CEO told Variety, "based on what I've heard and what I've read, Hart didn't want to subject himself to more of the criticism he's already received."

Bob then told reporters we all would just have to accept his decision. During his appearence on Ellen , Kevin said the attacks against him were purely out of malice, rather than out of good intentions.

Kevin then told the host that it was important to allow others to grow and learn from their mistakes, and we can't do that if the call-out culture continues in the way that it has in the last few years.

Even though Iger is arguably one of the biggest bosses in the entertainment world, he said the decision would ultimately fall to the AMPAS and ABC, who are responsible for its production and broadcasting. He added, "I'm sure they'll find someone or someones."

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