Celina Powell's Shocking Confession About Her Life Will Make You Cry - She Was Raped As A Kid

Celina Powell's Shocking Confession About Her Life Will Make You Cry - She Was Raped As A Kid
Credit: Source: YouTube

Celina Powell is not the most loved female figure out there. You might know her from back when she claimed she's pregnant with Offset's child and sleeping with various rappers.

She has a YouTube channel, and a couple of days ago she posted a video in which she's talking about her life.

And if you listen closely to her story, it's more than shocking.

She was raised by her aunt and grandma because her mom used to do drugs, was a prostitute, and ended up in jail.

She reveals that she lost her virginity at about 12 years and more in this shocking video.

Someone commented: 'There's always a story behind people's behavior.'

A person agreed and said: 'Facts. She seems like a good person, just kind of lost. I wish her the best honestly. Never judge a book by its cover, like you guys said everyone behaves in a way for a reason. Everyone has a backstory to their madness.'

One commenter said 'People with compassion and empathy will understand and not judge you.'

Someone else wrote: 'Oh darling. I implore you to write a book. Your “scandals” are but a speck in the universe of whom you actually are.'

One person asked Celina: 'what are your thoughts on mental health? Do you think that you may have developed a distorted view via your past trauma and or upbringing? I'm curious to know.'

Someone said: 'Oh Celina 😭 You’re God's child and no matter what you’re here for a reason, girl. You’ll find that reason, and you will be fulfilled just keep the faith, and before you die, I promise you’ll find what completes your heart and soul. I send you a virtual hug.'

What do you think about Celina's story?

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