Celina Powell Slams Snoop Dogg With New Sexual Encounter Details - See Her Video

Celina Powell Slams Snoop Dogg With New Sexual Encounter Details - See Her Video
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A while ago, Celina Powell said that she and Snoop Dogg had slept together, and back then, he blasted her and said that she's lying. For the holidays, Celina thought that there's no better gift for Snoop than a brand new video in which she details more about what allegedly happened between them a while ago.

You probably remember Celina Powell since she almost broke Cardi B and Offset's marriage.

Check out the video in which she says Snoop did coke and addressed more details about their encounter.

Someone commented: 'Her soul is empty throughout this video those fake laughs and awkward stares at the camera reveal she’s unhappy with herself. Clout is a dangerous drug.'

Another YouTube follower said: 'Lmao like the coke thing is wild, but its snoop D O double G, girl! Whatchu expect?! The cuddling ain't weird, man. You ain't on drugs, you dont drink a lot, so for you to be this way, you got some real mf issues you need to see a therapist about, hunny. Like for real. I saw your video about being raped & I can understand how that affects you, especially being so young. You're a beautiful, smart woman. You're worth so much more than this. I hope you're able to realize that one day! Much love, boo boo. Do you & do better❤'

One other person said that 'She's lying. She's been proven to lie quite often. She admitted that she lied for 9 months, faked a baby. It's an old technique: If you lie, to make it believable either say something embarrassing after or say something so outlandish. People will believe you. Celina is a cum rag. And the females that support this kind of behavior because of a "bag" is trash.'

Someone else posted this: 'Love snoop but he's preached multiple times abt black men should be w black girls only even saying Kanye was the way he is bc he's not w a black girl. Yet he obviously cheats on his wife w what? White girls!!!! Does he disrespect the sanctity of his marriage w a white girl?!?! What kind of hypocrite shit is that?!? So he has no room to talk and obviously has no honor or respect for his black African queen. This is nothing new. Black women are treated the worst out of anyone. Thus snoop needs to practice what he preaches or shut the fu*k up!!'

What do you think about this video? Is Celina lying or not?

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