Celina Powell Says Adam22 Is Planning On Doing An Interview With Someone Who Will Try And 'Destroy' Her

Celina Powell Says Adam22 Is Planning On Doing An Interview With Someone Who Will Try And 'Destroy' Her
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Celina Powell and Aliza, her close friend, have been all over the headlines lately for a brand new project, Thots Next Door , a podcast featuring both parties discussing their various trial and tribulations involving the entertainment industry's biggest stars.

Celina and Aliza have hosted the podcast already on Adam22's YouTube channel, however, Adam22 has been on the receiving end of criticism for his involvement. Powell and Aliza love talking about their sexual escapades, and their stories are frequently the subject of media reports.

Earlier this week, Adam22 took to his Twitter account to reveal that Aliza and Powell would continue hosting their podcast but he wouldn't feature it on his own channel anymore. Adam22 is the host of the very popular No Jumper podcast.

Adam22 didn't reveal the precise reason why he chose to no longer host their podcast, but he said he'd have more details regarding the situation when he finally drops a new episode on Tuesday.

Amid the news of the announcement, Powell took the opportunity to lay accusations against Adam and his longtime girlfriend, Lena the Plug. According to Powell, Adam and his girlfriend, Lena The Plug, paid $500 for Powell to film a scene for her OnlyFans account.

At this point in her social media messages, Powell appears to get fairly emotional, at least according to the way it's portrayed on her account because she said she apologized to Lena for showing her disrespect in the past.

Furthermore, Powell came out to say that Adam had intentions to do an interview with someone who planned on ruining her career and reputation. More importantly, Powell argued that No Jumper employees threatened to quit if Adam didn't eliminate Powell's show.

Thus far, Adam22 hasn't responded to anything Powell had to say on her social media, although, DJ Akademiks commented on the controversy earlier this week. As hip-hop fans know, Akademiks is currently fighting with Adam22 and he and Powell have fought in the past.

It looks like Akademiks is taking her side over Adam's. Earlier this month, Celina was in the headlines for her feud with Dream Doll as well.

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