Celebrity Team Shares Their Top Nine Sophie Turner Looks For 2019

Celebrity Team Shares Their Top Nine Sophie Turner Looks For 2019
Credit: Source: Georgie Eisdell/Instagram

Sophie Turner, the 23-year-old actress and wife of Joe Jonas, has been giving gorgeous looks since the April 17, 2011, premiere of Game of Thrones. Now,  in honor of the year coming to a close, the celebrity team behind many of her 2019 looks are sharing nine of their favorites.

In Game of Thrones , Sophie Turner played Sansa Stark and her hair color was an auburn-shade of red. The real Sophie Turner wears her hair blonde and it's easy to tell photos of the real Sophie from the character she played in the 35-time Emmy-winning show.

Known for her blonde hair, she wore various styles in each of the photos. Celebrity hairstylist Christian Wood styled Sophie's locks for the photos and some include straight styles, long and loose waves, high ponytails, and even Sophie with bangs. Many people responded that Sophie was nearly unrecognizable with bangs and felt they drew attention to her big, blue eyes.

You may see photos of Sophie Turner modeling the different looks in the photo grid below.

What is most striking about Sophie Turner in the photos is her eye makeup. Celebrity makeup Georgie Eisdell, who also works on Claire Foy, has created many stunning looks for Sophie that draw attention to her eyes. Photos of Sophie Turner with bangs that reach her eyelashes and heavy eye-makeup always elicit a huge reaction with her fans.

There are three photos of the nine that Sophie's celebrity team selected that feature heavy, bold eyeliner. One picture features a bold, black cat-eye with neutral tones on the lid.

The second sees Sophie's hair brushed away from her face and features bold, brown eyebrows and heavy blue eyeliner and eyeshadow. The look is striking for Sophie and along with her beauty and style team, is also favorited by her fans.

Celebrity stylist Kate Young created Sophie's looks throughout the year and in the nine photos, the team selected.

Are you a fan of Sophie Turner's? Did you watch her portrayal of Sansa Starks on the eight seasons of Game of Thrones? 

Which one of the nine looks selected by her celebrity team is your favorite?


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