Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz And Wife Laura In 'Serious' Therapy To Work Out Their Marital Woes

Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz And Wife Laura In 'Serious' Therapy To Work Out Their Marital Woes
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Even though Carl Lentz and Laura Lentz are currently struggling in their marriage, sources who spoke with Page Six this week claimed Carl would "never leave her." The couple is currently receiving intense therapy sessions to figure out where things went wrong between them.

As most know, Lentz has been all over the headlines ever since it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife. Carl is perhaps most famous for his close relationship with Justin Bieber, whom he supported during the pop star's most trying times.

As it was previously reported, Carl admitted to infidelity earlier this month, and since then, he has been booted out of the Aussie church Hillsong. Ranin Karim, a woman who supposedly had been sleeping with Carl, claimed she and Carl were like a "drug to each other" after they first met in Williamsburg.

The insider shared that Carl is now taking some time away from his busy career to instead work on the relationship he has with his wife as well as his kids. The source says even though the situation with Laura has been quite embarrassing, they have no intentions to split up anytime soon.


This wouldn't be the first time Lentz has been in the headlines for the way he has behaved toward other women.

Page Six claimed Lentz was seen at a Super Bowl party for Jennifer Lopez last February in Miami. He was flirting with other women even though his wife was also there.

As for what the pastor has been up to now, the source shared that he has sold his house in Montclair, New Jersey, and he's not bringing in any money at the moment. Lentz claimed he has "no plans to start his own church," and is more than aware that he put Hillsong in a bad position.


Carl managed to build a great career as a pastor for Hillsong, and he is forever grateful for the opportunities they gave to him. The insider claims Carl is now patching up his relationship with God.

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