Celebrity Art Dealer Jonathan Poole Jailed After Stealing $668,000 Worth Of Art

Celebrity Art Dealer Jonathan Poole Jailed After Stealing $668,000 Worth Of Art
Source: TheSourceMagazine.com

An art dealer who was most known for fraternizing with artists, celebrities, rock stars, supermodels, and business elites has been jailed for stealing various forms of artwork over thirty years, including paintings and sculptures.

The 69-year-old Jonathan Poole was put in prison for four years after being compared to the famous villain from the film "The Thomas Crown Affair."

Poole worked out of two separate galleries throughout his life and specialized in selling artwork created by stars like Miles Davis, John Lennon, and former Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood.

According to the prosecutors of the case, Poole is believed to have used the money to fund gambling problems, service debts, or for a possible retirement fund.

Jonathan pleaded guilty to twenty-six different offenses including fraud against nine different people and the artwork in total was over $668,000.

According to Poole - who represented himself in court after he fired his lawyers - during the peak of his career he was organizing an exhibition a week.

During his testimony, he claimed he worked with actors like Anthony Hopkins who also hosts exhibitions to this day.

However, his name dropping wasn't enough as the court and jury convicted him of his crimes.

As for why he committed his offenses, Poole said the advent of the internet caused his business to suffer as people would come to his exhibit and then go online to see if they could find a better price for it.

Some of his most known victims include Dire Straits bassist, John Illsley, Miles Davis, and his brother, Nicholas.

And while the internet may have destroyed his way of doing business, some users on social media have suggested he should've adapted to the constant technological advancements to make his business efficient and able to thrive once again.


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