Celebrities Support Britney Spears After She Pleads For Fans To Give Her Privacy

Celebrities Support Britney Spears After She Pleads For Fans To Give Her Privacy
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Britney Spears is currently seeking treatment at a mental health facility after cancelling her residency to care for her sick father. After fans got the hashtag #freebritney to gain national attention, the pop star was forced to make a video telling her followers not to worry about her.

In the clip posted to her Instagram, a healing Britney said: "Hi guys, just checking in with all of you who are concerned about me. All is well. My family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately, so I just needed time to deal. But don’t worry: I’ll be back very soon."

She also addressed fake emails that were sent by Sam Lufti and asked her fans to give her privacy.

Celebrities rallied around Spears in her comment section.

"We love u so much queen," wrote Miley Cyrus.

"Sometimes showing respect and privacy is the best support people can offer. #bestfans," added her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

"Love you Britney," said J-Woww.

Tess Holiday and Hayley Kiyoko echoed J-Woww's sentiment.

Lissa Rinna also took to Twitter to say: "God bless @britneyspears."


This comes after fans suspected that the singer was being forced into staying at a mental health facility by her father who has had Britney under a conservatorship for years now.

What was even more alarming was when Spears' mom 'liked' comments and posts that suggested that the rumor was true. Rapper Eve also wore a #freebritney shirt during 'The Talk' where the ladies discussed the situation at hand.

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn Spears also spoke out about the concerns surrounding her sister.

In the caption of an Instagram post, Jamie said: "10 years ago, who was there?? I have been here long before anyone else, and I’ll be here long after. I love my sister with everything I have. So, anyone or anything that speaks to the contrary can GTFOH with all the comments about what you don’t understand.Do not come for me or the ones I love anymore. You can move the “blank” outta here with all that, just like this other lady who was running her mouth."

What do you think is really going on with Britney?

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