Celebrities Share Hopeful Wishes Following "Boyz N The Hood" Creator John Singleton's Stroke

Celebrities Share Hopeful Wishes Following "Boyz N The Hood" Creator John Singleton's Stroke
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According to a report from BET.com and The Associated Press, the director of the cult-classic film, Boyz N the Hood, John Singleton, had a stroke on Wednesday and has been in the hospital since then. Other details on his condition haven't been revealed by those closest to him.

Released on Saturday, the family said in their statement that the director was currently in the ICU and was receiving "great medical care." Their statement confirmed the bad news, stating that on the 17th of Wednesday, their father and a beloved family member had suffered a stroke.

They also asked for privacy and respect from their fans. Some of the big names in the entertainment industry to shout him out was Neil deGrasse Tyson as well as Omar Epps. As you may know, Singleton was the first African-American director to receive an Oscar nomination for Boyz N The Hood , released in 1991, and set in his hometown of LA.

Some of his other movies include Poetic Justice, which starred legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur, as well as Janet Jackson. Perhaps his most recent well-known project is the TV series, Snowfall, which is a crime drama set in the 1980s of Los Angeles.

Since Boyz N The Hood's release, the movie has become a considerable cult classic, starring Cuba Gooding Junior as well as Ice Cube in what was his debut film role. The film attempted to document the struggles faced by African-Americans living in violent communities.

The movie also starred Laurence Fishburne, Angela Bassett, Regina King, and Morris Chestnut. Additionally, in 2002, it was listed by the United States Library Of Congress as culturally historic and was also preserved by the National Film Registry.

John Singleton has also worked as a producer and screenwriter for other productions, including 2000's Shaft as well as Hustle And Flow and Black Snake Moan . John also made Higher Learning, which had in it Ice Cube, Jennifer Connelly, Omar Epps, and Michael Rappaport.

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