Celebrities Return To The White House Now That The Trump Administration Is Over

Celebrities Return To The White House Now That The Trump Administration Is Over
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President Joe Biden hasn't been in office for a full 24 hours and he's already undoing much of what President Trump had enacted. In addition to signing a stack of executive orders that rescinded many of Trump's orders (the United States is back with WHO, for example) there are other changes that are coming with Joe Biden 's presidency. For one, celebrities are back at the White House .

President Donald Trump kicked off his presidency under protest and the nation was immediately divided when he defeated Hillary Clinton. The former Obama administration had been known for its close relationship with celebrities. Whether it was their fundraising efforts (Beyonce and Jay-Z hosted elaborate fundraising efforts for President Obama during his campaign) or President Barack Obama bestowing the medal of freedom on celebrities such as Robert DeNiro, Ellen DeGeneres, and Tom Hanks, celebrities were a common sight during the Obama and Biden administration.

Once Donald Trump was elected, celebrities turned their backs on him and his administration. Those who publicly supported him quickly received backlash. Celebrities such as Scott Baio , Kirstie Alley, Dean Cain, Lorenzo Lamas, James Woods, and Jon Voight were some of the most outspoken supporters of Trump and they paid the price for it.

Now that the Trump administration is over, celebrities are flocking back to the White House and that was proved during Joe Biden's inaugural ceremony that took place on January 20, 2021.

Lady Gaga performed the National Anthem during the ceremony and she was followed by Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks.

Tom Hanks led an inauguration event titled: Celebrating America Primetime Special. The event aired on television and the Internet and featured performances from artists such as Katy Perry, John Legend, Jon Bon Jovi , Justin Timberlake and Ant Clemons, Demi Lovato , Bruce Springsteen, and more.

You may watch the Celebrating America Primetime Special in the video player below.

The changes between the Trump administration and the Biden administration are already apparent, but it is clear that celebrities are embracing the new administration with open arms. Many celebrities were instrumental in getting people to vote and they turned their social media accounts over to encourage people to cast their ballots for Biden.

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