Catherine Zeta-Jones Will Create A New Lifestyle Brand Like Paltrow's Goop

Catherine Zeta-Jones Will Create A New Lifestyle Brand Like Paltrow's Goop
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Catherine Zeta-Jones is gearing up to follow in Gwyneth Paltrow's footsteps, a new report from E! Online revealed. According to the outlet, the wife of Michael Douglas is going to work in the world of wellness, beauty, and fashion.

The Daily Mail was the first to report that the Welsh actress is building her Casa Zeta-Jones brand into an empire, as she expands it into other industries. The Daily Mail claims that Catherine's company, like Goop, will move into other areas like vegan shoes, coffee, kitchenware, and makeup.

Reportedly, Catherine's line of vegan shoes will be affordable for the average consumer, and are made from the "finest vegan leather." As for why she's embarking on a more intensive entrepreneurial endeavor, sources state that she wants something to do as her children get older.

Moreover, she's hoping that continuing to expand her empire will put her more in the spotlight and help her with her "profile." The Daily Mail says that Catherine has put her heart and soul into every project she's created.

She wants to make products that are both beautiful and luxurious, while at the same time attainable to the average buyer. Fans of Catherine know she has worked as an entrepreneur before, including in the areas of fashion and home décor.

The star has created candles, blankets, towels, and pajama sets all under her Casa Zeta-Jones brand. During an interview in 2018, her husband, Michael Douglas, praised Catherine's work as well as her acting career.

During a conversation with Will Marfugg for E! News, Michael claimed she was a great entrepreneur and was working on a number of new projects. He claimed she had his unwavering support. Douglas commented on the difficulties of older women getting roles in Hollywood.

For that reason, Douglas argued, it makes sense for Catherine to work on a new project over which she has full control, rather than acting, which is an area where the star has to be chosen by a studio or casting director.

In other news, recent reports speculated on Catherine and Michael's marital status. 

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