Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Her Valentine’s Day Plans With Hubby Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Her Valentine’s Day Plans With Hubby Michael Douglas
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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been husband and wife for no less than 21 years but still love each other as much as in the beginning! With that being said, they would never lose an opportunity to celebrate their bond so they have some big plans for this upcoming Valentine's Day!

The actress shared some of them with her fans in her newest video chat on TalkShopLive.

At the time, she was launching and also further promoting her Casa Zeta-Jones makeup line.

At some point during the broadcast, she opened up about her life in quarantine but also told fans what she and her husband of two decades have planned for Valentine's Day!

When one fan wondered whether she will cook or order delivery on February 14, the actress revealed that she will 'Order in. Order in! I am not good at cooking, Angela, but I give it a go! I am great at plating. No, I think I am ordering in! Actually, Michael is ordering Chinese tonight. That is his job.'

As for how she's been dealing with the lockdown amid this pandemic, she shared that 'My saving grace during quarantine is being kind to myself and to my family. Giving each other our space but being very close and holding each other tight and keeping safe.'

Catherine and Michael often make headlines because of their sweet marriage and loving words and gestures they have for one another on social media.

During the stream, she told fans that the whole house was quiet precisely because she was on the platform live.

She had apparently told everyone to be quiet for this event and they had complied, Catherine admitting that their home is never that quiet usually.


'No one’s allowed to talk here. No one’s allowed to play their music. No one’s allowed to watch any sports. No one’s allowed to put the news on. Everyone is super quiet. My house has never been this quiet because I’m speaking to you,' she said in part.


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