Catherine Zeta-Jones Says The Secret To Her Successful Marriage To Michael Douglas Is Being "Open"

Catherine Zeta-Jones Says The Secret To Her Successful Marriage To Michael Douglas Is Being "Open"

According to Catherina Zeta-Jones, her successful marriage to Michael Douglas is owed, mostly, to the fact they have a "very open relationship," meaning, they're quite honest with each other.

The 49-year-old actress, who hails from Wales, told the hosts of the Today Show , Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, that she has been completely honest with her husband of twenty years, and that's why it has worked out so far.

Despite facing public scandal and having demanding careers, she has managed to stay with him through thick and thin. "I'm so happy that we've made it twenty years together."

However, Jones admitted it's unconscionable to think there aren't at least some ups and downs. The star said, "both Michael and I have a very open relationship," and their ability to speak candidly no matter the circumstances has made their bond very strong.

The star said she has to be honest with her husband because they have kids together and they're continually facing public scrutiny on account of their celebrity status.

When it comes to her man, the 74-year-old, Douglas, Jones said he's doing great these days. When Guthrie mentioned the allegations of misconduct, Zeta-Jones said she and the rest of her family share what's happening in their lives around the table every day.

Catherine said she is a "European" kind of girl and likes having family time where they all sit around and share what's going on in their lives. There are no "big surprises."

This comes after she said to The Times Of London that she was devastated to hear about the misconduct accusations. She said she and her children were saddened by the news.

Catherine said she struggled with her sense of morals, thinking, on one hand, she has to stand up for her husband, but on the other, has to worry about if she's standing up for women's rights. Catherine admits that she told her husband if any other allegations came out, he would be in serious trouble.


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