Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra's Marriage Reportedly 'Refreshed' By New Pregnancy - Here's How!

Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra's Marriage Reportedly 'Refreshed' By New Pregnancy - Here's How!
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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are expecting their fourth and final baby together and are both really excited to welcome another baby girl! One insider report even claims that the news of her pregnancy has actually improved their relationship as well, the Teen Mom stars being closer than ever!

That's right! It sounds like Catelynn and Tyler are thriving and most of the reason why is the new baby that they are going to welcome this year.

Apparently, the happy news has completely 'refreshed' their marriage.

This comes after they announced, on February 22, that they are going to be parents again!

The insider shared via HollywoodLife that it was exactly what they needed, especially after experiencing a miscarriage not too long ago.

Supposedly, the pregnancy 'has rekindled the love that they have for each other. It is a really refreshing experience that they are going through right now, it’s all good vibes.'

Now, they are allegedly really enjoying this special time as a couple and as parents.

Another source told the same news outlet that 'Catelynn and Tyler prayed for this and they are overjoyed. They’ve been very open about wanting more kids and love being parents. The sadness they just went through after Catelynn’s recent miscarriage was very hard, so this pregnancy is especially good news. It’s exactly like they said in their message — they feel they have made it through a storm and they are out the other side with this good news. Catelyn and Tyler have been through everything as a couple. There is nothing that they haven’t dealt with, and for them to know that they have another opportunity to be new parents is as special as things can get.'

Not too long after sharing the news, the reality TV star couple also revealed the sex of their yet unborn baby!

As it turns out, they are about to have another daughter.

While they hoped for a boy this time around, they are just as happy regardless and only wish for her to be healthy!


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