Catelynn Lowell Addresses Those Speculations She's Expecting Again! 

Catelynn Lowell Addresses Those Speculations She's Expecting Again! 
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There have been rumors going around that Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell is expecting her fourth addition to the family and now, she reveals whether that is true or not! During a brand new interview, the reality TV star discussed her relationship with her husband Tyler Baltierra and their plans for their future together!

Is the couple planning on having more kids? Is one already on its way?

These are questions fans have been curious to learn the answers to since there are speculations Catelynn and Tyler are in the process of adding the family.

While chatting with Us Weekly earlier today, the woman revealed if she is pregnant or not.

‘I am not pregnant and we are using birth control. But when we do decide to have another child, we're hoping for a boy. If we're meant to have all girls, then that is just fine too! We're thinking of having another when Vaeda (who is 7-months-old) is about 1 or 2 years old,’ Catelynn shared with the news outlet.

So it sounds like the married pair would love to have one more child, but not so soon after just welcoming baby Vaeda months ago!

That being said, she assured the publication that their fourth bundle of joy will also be their last, regardless of whether they break the pattern and have a boy or not.

‘I will not keep trying until I have a boy. No, sorry. If we are meant to just have girls, I guess that is what we were meant to have. I am not going to have, like, 6 or 7 kids. Like, no thank you. I feel like I am already going gray with two,’ she previously told the same outlet back in June.

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