Catelynn Lowell Accused Of Cheating On Tyler Baltierra - One Month Old Daughter Not His?

Catelynn Lowell Accused Of Cheating On Tyler Baltierra - One Month Old Daughter Not His?
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The Teen Mom star was accused of cheating on her husband Tyler Baltierra but now, she took to social media to slam that rumor! Just when it seemed like things were going great in their marriage, Catelynn Lowell was accused of betraying Tyler.

In fact, people say their youngest daughter, one-month-old Vaeda is not Tyler’s.

It all started when fans started commenting under a pic of the newborn that she looks nothing like Tyler.

Catelynn just wanted to celebrate the bundle of joy’s first month of being alive and so did her dad.

Tyler posted a cute snap of Vaeda but instead of people gushing over her, he got speculations Catelynn had an affair and that the youngest of the family is a result of that!

Such comments just kept adding up for hours until Catelynn slammed them, saying people were ‘crazy’ to think that.

She sarcastically wrote in the comments ‘Sorry baby I totally cheated and Vaeda’s not yours. People are crazy. #comeon.’

It was a weird and unexpected rumor that just got bigger than it should have.

After all, the only thing people went off of was that the infant apparently doesn’t look like her dad at all!

‘Dude you gotta hit up that genetic testing,’ someone suggested in the comments while another mockingly asked: ‘Who’s the daddy?’

Other users were even more confident, as they straight up told Tyler things like: ‘This isn’t his baby,’ and  ‘Bruh, Cate cheated.’

However, there were a lot of fans who argued the opposite however, saying she is a perfect mix of both her parents and that her dark hair color reminds them of older sister Novalee, 4.

Tyler responded as well, saying that he was ‘appalled at the ridiculously asinine comments about [his] newborn.’


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