Cassie Writes Beautiful Letter To Nipsey Hussle And Promises To Care For Lauren London

Cassie Writes Beautiful Letter To Nipsey Hussle And Promises To Care For Lauren London
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Cassie, a close friend of Lauren London, is mourning the tragic death of her longtime boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Joseph Asghedom.

The rapper was reportedly gunned down by suspect Eric Holder in Los Angeles as he was giving free clothes to a former ex-con.

Cassie, who has been a longtime friend of Lauren, penned this note to Nipsey Hussle: "Thank you for loving my sister the way you did. Thankful that I was able to witness that legendary love. Thank you for taking care of her. Thank you for giving her the most beautiful son. We will always see you. I know that you will continue to protect her and love her unconditionally. We will never be you, but I can promise we will ALWAYS be here for her. Always & Forever. I love you @laurenlondon, praying for you, the babies and your family. Thank you, Nip ♥️ Rest in Love. 🙏🏽"

Alicia Keys added: "Soulmates forever! We are all Sending you, your babies and your family the brightest most protective and loving collective unified light beautiful sister. 🌟🌟🌟🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽"

Ciara had this to say to Lauren: "May God be with you every step of the way along with him in Heaven. We are all lifting you and your family up in prayer at this difficult time. Stay strong mama. ❤️"

Fans are lost for words over the passing of the rapper.

One person had this to say: "That’s how you know who the real friends are she isn't run to the internet that day it happened. 🙏🏾My whole heart hurts that Lauren’s going through this. You’re such a good friend 😘 sending everyone so much love. Cassie has always been close with Lauren. so that yall know."

Another follower wrote: "Listen, if Nipsey’s death didn’t hit you hard somethings wrong w/ you internally. We didn’t have to know him. It’s on my mind heavy. My ♥️ is heavy. 😓I can’t stop thinking about Lauren. I know sis hasn’t slept, eaten or showered. 😔😔"

This third comment from a supporter read: "I’m really losing sleep over this particular death, Lord I ask that you just wrap your arms around his family, Lauren, and his kids! They need you more than ever, Nipsey let her know that although you’re gone physically, you’ll ALWAYS be there spiritually. 💙"

Hussle was a light for his community.


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  • Elaine Moore Kane
    Elaine Moore Kane May 1, 2019 12:18 PM PDT

    As a woman of a certain age (57) not that recognition of a "Godly Soul) commensurates with age; however, I, like millions of others I'm sure felt a very deep/abiding hurt at the untimely transition of our Dear Nipsey Hussle. Not having known him other than as a Kindred spirit, the hurt,sense of loss is omnipresent. Thoughts for his Love-Lauren, family, constituents, The World. We have truly lost a Godly, virtuous soul destined to do "Great Things" got his Community and the World. I find myself crying for our World, those of a lesser/void of a so whose purpose is to destroy and not contribute to society. Alleged perpetrator is one of the very one's Hussle endeavored to uplift, empower and educate. The heaviness in my heart will be with us all for a while. Good, please Bless us All! As we need you desperately. Peace,

  • Vickie Price
    Vickie Price Apr 18, 2019 2:35 PM PDT

    I am not in the entertainment business at all. Mr. Asghedom's passing from this world hit me as if I knew him personally. I cried a few times, I have shared who he is with others I know. I have never felt this way about someone I don't know other than on TV or thru internet. He is special. His mother said it just right. Stick near to her, gain her strength. Do the work he only just began. I prayed for another Dr. Martin Luther King and you know what, Mrs. Coretta King continued his work, as did many other wives. You are the next one. Allow GOD to use you. HE will give you the inner peace and beautiful sleep. Believe me, HE does take care of the enemy. HE will cause them to call you asking for prayer. HE said I will cause your enemy to be your footstool. I experienced it for myself. Just trust HIM, please.

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