Cassie Ventura Shows Off Her Stunning Wedding Dress In New Photo After She And Alex Fine Tied The Knot

Cassie Ventura Shows Off Her Stunning Wedding Dress In New Photo After She And Alex Fine Tied The Knot
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In a surprise announcement, Cassie Ventura and Alex Fine announced their marriage to the world, and her wedding dress looks spectacular.

It has not been that long since they got engaged -- the couple made the announcement last month. However, it looks like with a baby girl on the way, and they have both been eager to get things underway as fast as possible.

According to reports, they had their ceremony in Malibu, and it went through very nicely and with a lot of excitement.

And of course, their fans were treated to some shots from the event on social media, with pictures showing off how amazing they looked and how stylish everyone was as a whole.

It is also worth noting that the two have been planning this for a while, as they already had a marriage license for some time.

It is just the official announcement that took some time to arrive, but it is understandable why these two might want to maintain an air of privacy around their relationship for the time being.

In any case, the announcement has drawn a lot of attention to the two, not just from their fans but from many people in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Many still remember the sweet marriage proposal that was executed with the assistance of the Compton Cowboys, with many noting how elegant the whole thing was.

And it looks like fans are about to see even more amazing demonstrations of affections from these two in the near future, now that they have officially gotten married. Hopefully, their fans will not have to wait too long though!

One fan had this sweet message: “Have you guys ever sit down and think she got tired of wasting her own time and took a leap of faith and look where she landed. Sometimes we females know from the start that the kind of relationship we desire or deserve is never gonna come from the person we are currently dating. We tend to stay with an expectation that things will change; it just a matter of time. He will see our worth. On the contrary, if a man doesn’t want what you want, it doesn’t matter how long you stay or how good of a woman you are, if that’s not his type of relationship he seeks, you are just wasting your time. Sometimes we know this, and we see all the signs, but we keep giving ourselves false hope and promises. Don’t let ten years to pass you by of something you can get in a yr. Whatever you want out at the table and if you both same opposite then you have to walk away. It might hurt, and the memories won’t go away easily, but eventually, you will be ok and do better.”

Cassie is moving forward fast leaving the past behind.

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