Cassie Ventura And Husband Alex Fine Delight Fans With The Sweetest Photos Of Baby Frankie

Cassie Ventura And Husband Alex Fine Delight Fans With The Sweetest Photos Of Baby Frankie
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Cassie Ventura and her husband, Alex Fine, and their baby daughter, Frankie Fine, are in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic that is doing major damage all over the world.

Via social media, Cassie and her spouse are making fans laugh and smile by proving to the world that they are doting parents.

The celebrity mom and model recently posted several photos and videos that show the perfect family who has lots of fun together.

In one video, the happy father is doing sit-ups with baby girl Frankie, much to the delight of his Instagram fans.

He said this about the video: "Alex Fine x Chris Cuomo Challenge @chrisccuomo and I are doing 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups every day for a week starting Monday to raise awareness for a Domestic Violence charity near and dear to my heart. Participate with us, and an option to donate to a great DV shelter will be available shortly. Hashtag AlmostHome and Letsgetwithfit with your videos. @almsthome."

One follower stated: "Slightly troublesome that Frankie can do more sit-ups than I can. Remember when we saw your Mom at Kroger, and she was yelling at you about more tattoos on your arm 😂 now look at you. Proud of everything you’re doing. Keep it up. 🙏🏼🤞🏼"

This commenter added: "I love how you love your lady and your baby. The standard of what men should be like. Does it have to be consecutively, or can it be broken up into sets throughout the day? If so, what’s the minimum number of sets that you’d recommend? Thanks in advance.❤️"

In one picture, Cassie is holding her baby girl, and they are all are lounging on a sofa. He captioned it: "Introverted with my favorites is heaven. We have binged every Netflix series possible. What should be next?"

Cassie wrote: "I wish you could respond with a picture. Love you guys!! ♥️ I would like to rewatch every Harry Potter."

This backer explained: "Make another baby. That baby is destined to be fine fine like her parents. Those are some beautiful genes. 😂🙏🏽❤️ God bless. Lord, I’ve seen what you have done for others."

Another fan claimed: "Omg, look at her smile and those cheeks!!! That’s one adorable little lady!"

Alex and Cassie Ventura welcomed their baby girl in the world on December 6, 2019.

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