Cassie Shows Off Her Baby Bump On Her Birthday And Fans Say She Deserves This

Cassie Shows Off Her Baby Bump On Her Birthday And Fans Say She Deserves This
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Cassie finally shared a photo of her baby bump and fans are going crazy with excitement. They say that it was about time after she wasted so much of her life together with someone else - people are obviously referring at Diddy.

Cassie shared this photo for her birthday. She's 33 years old today. Happy birthday, Cassie!

Someone said: 'She really deserves it after wasting a decade of her life.'

A follower posted: 'It’s crazy how much time she wasted with Diddy. To leave him and FINALLY get everything she deserves.'

One other fan said: 'Happy for her, she left him and now she doing everything she wanted to do in the first place ❤️'

A follower wrote: 'Ladies, prime example of moving on from a dead situation for your own happiness 💯💯💯 Too many people just stuck.'

Someone else said: 'Maybe all the time y'all feel she wasted was the time she needed for her to learn to love herself first, maybe it was the time her man needed to grow, so that Gods timing would be right for when they were both ready, prepared and available.'

A fan shared: 'Thank God she didn't waste all her youth with Diddy. Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, Cassie free at last.'

One of her fans told people not to bring up Diddy anymore: 'Stop bringing up that other man just congratulate sis and wish her a successful pregnancy ❤️'

Someone else posted: 'Congratulations Queen 🙌🏽 You deserve all these blessings and more with your unproblematic azz 🥰'

Congratulations, Cassie and Alex!

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