Cassie Sends Her Condolences To Kim Porter's Family After Being Photographed With Diddy

Cassie Sends Her Condolences To Kim Porter's Family After Being Photographed With Diddy
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After Kim Porter passed away unexpectedly, Diddy and Cassie were photographed together , and people believe that she might be comforting him even if they are over. In times like this, she chose to support him after losing the mother of his kids.

Cassie sent a message to Kim's family on her social media account yesterday.

'There are no words.... An amazing mother to her beautiful family, lit up every room she entered and now the most beautiful angel ? Sending so much love and my condolences to the Porter and Combs families. I love you @quincy, @kingcombs, Jessie, D’Lila, Chance, @princejdc and @diddy. Puff you are already the best father. I know you will be amazing. Love you too @callmepumpkin, @misahylton, Mama Combs & Grandpa Jake!! You all always have my love and support!! Love you @ladykp ✨???' Cassie wrote on her Instagram account and she posted a lovely pic with Kim.

She disabled the comments section, probably to avoid all kinds of comments. She might have been tright to do so, because as you will see in The Shade Room's own post, people called Cassie fake.

Someone said 'Everyone had a role and they played it. This man is extremely rich and takes care of his kids no matter what. The women don’t want to give that up either so maybe this situation worked for all of them. I believe there was drama. Who wouldn’t when your man has multiple women. Doesn’t mean Cassie didn’t still respect this woman. I just think it was between all of them and not our business so it was left to interpretation.'

Another follower posted 'Been thinking this the whole time he wasted precious time from a Real one....??? She was beautiful and I remember never liking Diddy for how he treated Kim back in the day when he was running around w/jlo less alone Cassie. "All his women look like jlo" that line disgusted me. None more beautiful than Kim Porter. Been my thoughts before she ever passed ugh. May she rest in heaven.'

One commenter slammed Cassie and said 'Cassie is fake !!! I am sure she’s happy now cos no other woman will block her like Kim did !!! Kim dead is a set from diddy and ....C ? diddy sacrifice her #myopinion'

Someone else gushed over both ladies: 'Diddy lucky to have had not 1 but 2 classy ladies in his life......damn!!! It must be a reflection of the man himself.'

Our thoughts and prayers go to Kim's family and friends.

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  • Ms Gee
    Ms Gee Nov 21, 2018 2:29 AM PST

    I just want to say that I support Cassie for sending her condolences to the family, we don't know what kind of relationship that they had. I believe it was just one big happy family. #ripkim

  • Anna Marie Jackson
    Anna Marie Jackson Nov 20, 2018 6:02 AM PST

    You celebrities don't have room to talk about nobody everybody has done things we are not proud of everybody has a past and nobody is perfect!!!! It's time to lift one another up instead of tearing us down we are n our trying times to do better STOP All The Madness

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