Cassie Randolph Addresses Rumor About The Reason She And Colton Underwood Split!

Cassie Randolph Addresses Rumor About The Reason She And Colton Underwood Split!
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The Bachelor star made sure to shoot down this rumor going around about she and Colton Underwood ending their relationship . Cassie Randolph is not about to let this speculation about them go around without defending herself!

On The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever special yesterday, host Chris Harrison asked Cassie a lot about her breakup with Colton.

As fans know, despite meeting on his season of the Bachelor and she being the choice of his heart, they never actually got engaged.

Instead, they tried to date and see if they could make it work but in late May, they got their answer because they actually ended things!

However, while they made an announcement about their separation, they never explained what led to it, giving people the freedom to speculate all they want about the reason!

Sure enough, Chris grilled Cassie about it as well, prompting her to argue that ‘It's kind of a sensitive topic because we are still going through it, and I am still pretty emotional for both of us. We have not really talked about it publicly yet and I do not know if either of us is ready, but I'll say it has been really hard.’

The host then suggested that Colton’s struggle with COVID-19 could have contributed to the breakup.

But Cassie quickly denied that was the case.

‘Quarantine and COVID had nothing to do with our break up at all. I think the whole experience of going through him battling COVID and being with my family made us closer even.’

She then revealed that in spite of their relationship not lasting, she has no regrets, adding that ‘For me, the biggest thing that I've learned from everything has been to be confident, because like, even doing this, I'm a little nervous,’ to upset Colton by revealing too much.

Cassie assured everyone that there is nothing else she’s left out of the conversation until now that she ever plans to reveal.


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