Cassie Kisses Mystery Man In Pic She Posted Just After Diddy Declared His Love For Her!

Cassie Kisses Mystery Man In Pic She Posted Just After Diddy Declared His Love For Her!
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It looks like the two are not getting back together after all! After Diddy took to social media to declare his love for his ex, Cassie, the woman did not waste any time before she decided to post a pic of her and a mystery man kissing!

Cassie shot the rapper’s love message down without mercy as she did not beat around the bush and let people guess if they will reunite or not.

She posted a photobooth picture that featured her and an unknown man locking lips as well as her mother! What?

As fans may know, earlier today, Diddy posted a stunning black and white snap of Cassie on his Instagram Stories, writing over it: ‘I <3 Cassie.’

While this initially gave their shippers the hope that they would rekindle their romance, in the end, all that was shattered when Cassie proved she was not interested and that she had moved on with a new man.

Still, his gesture was also seen as a way to comfort the woman since her grandmother had passed away just six days prior.

But as it turns out, if he was also thinking they would reunite, Diddy was very wrong since she already had someone to comfort her while mourning.

Cassie did pay tribute to Diddy’s late ex, Kim Porter when the news that she had unexpectedly passed away made its way online.

She posted on her Instagram account: ‘No words. There are no words…. An amazing mother to her beautiful family, lit up every room she entered and now the most beautiful angel ? Sending so much love and my condolences to the Porter and Combs family.’

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