Cassie And Ciara Become Positive Examples For All The Women: 'Let Them Be A Lesson For All Of Us'

Cassie And Ciara Become Positive Examples For All The Women: 'Let Them Be A Lesson For All Of Us'
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Cassie and Ciara have managed to become role models for more women out there. Masika Kalysha is one of them, and she wanted to raise awareness of the success that one can have if they are making the right moves in life.

The Shade Room posted her message to all the women, which looks like this:

These two ladies have indeed restored hope for a lot of women.

You may have already found out that, for instance, Cassie is also pregnant and she got engaged to Alex Fine these days as well.

Cassie posted a video with the amazing engagement event. It’s really something else.

The woman could not be happier, and fans are glad she ditched Diddy for all this happiness.

Someone commented: 'Everyone’s story is NOT the same!! What works for one may not work for another...some people are on n off for years and eventually get back on forever. There’s no manual to a happy ending. Just follow your heart. If you get hurt, you learn. If it works out, you win!'

A follower said, 'The lesson shouldn’t be about leaving anyone to find the right man. The lesson should be leaving toxicity to find urself & live your best life in the process.'

One fan wrote: 'Be single, y’all act like being in a relationship is the ultimate way of life. 🙄 go smell the roses.'

A person posted this: 'Just cuz they didn't work out don't mean the fella is toxic and every woman is entitled to leave whenever they want.'

Someone else said: 'Let me tell y’all sumthing these men told them who they were from the beginning she was okay with it for years. She evolved and that’s THAT.'

Anyway, congrats to all the ladies who can live their best lives and good luck to the ones struggling to get there!

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