Casey Affleck Says Brother Ben Affleck's Ex Ana de Armas Is 'A Catch In Every Way!'

Casey Affleck Says Brother Ben Affleck's Ex Ana de Armas Is 'A Catch In Every Way!'
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Despite the fact that they're no longer a couple, it turns out that Casey Affleck has a lot of love and respect for Ben Affleck 's ex, Ana de Armas . In fact, the actor's brother thinks she is 'such a catch' that she will have no issue finding love again.

It sounds like Ana de Armas made a great impression on her now-ex, Ben Affleck's brother and during a new interview, he had nothing but positive things to say about her.

This comes only mere days after it was confirmed that Ben and Ana are no longer an item.

They dated for more than a year but in the end, it just did not work out between them despite loving each other a lot.

They even lived under the same roof during the pandemic and it seemed like things were going great.

While chatting with Entertainment Tonight, promoting his new movie, 'Our Friend,' Ben's younger brother said that 'The reality is, I think that this year's been really hard on people in relationships.'

Casey went on to share his opinion that Ana will have absolutely no issue finding a new boyfriend.

After all, she is pretty great as far as he is concerned.

'I think that Ana is just the sweetest, the funniest, smartest, most charming person. I think she will not have any problems meeting somebody else.'

Similarly, Casey thinks Ben is just as incredible and he will also have no problem finding someone else to move on with from this failed relationship.


'I think she is a catch in every way. And I will be there to carry Ben through it, but I do not think he will have any problems [either]. My advice to them would be: ‘Yes, think long and hard about it, because quarantine is not fun if you are single,' Casey said during the same interview.


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