Cartel Crew Star Betty Idol Begs For Justice After Her 17-Year-Old Sister Is Killed

Cartel Crew Star Betty Idol Begs For Justice After Her 17-Year-Old Sister Is Killed
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On Monday, May 18, one of Betty Idol's worst nightmares came true when she received a call that her little sister was shot and killed in Miami. The Cartel Crew star is trying to bring awareness to the heartbreaking situation by making sure her sister's killer gets brought to justice.

Giselle Rengifo was allegedly hanging out at an Airbnb when 17-year-old Michael McGowan shot her in the back of the head. The killing is being called an accident and Michael is allegedly only facing manslaughter charges.

However, Betty believes that this was no accident. McGowan was sharing Snapchat videos from earlier in the day that showed him flashing a gun.

The reality star took to social media to tell followers: 'Im living a nightmare ever since a young man sent me a DM telling me to please check on my sister GISELLE Monday night, MAY 18th. He told me she was at an air bnb hanging out with her friends & this guy she was seeing. He was on FaceTime with her until she quickly passed the phone to her friend and then a min later he heard a gun shot. The girl that was holding the phone looked to the ground & everyone started screaming. Then I called every #police station, every hospital until I was able to finally speak to a #homicide detective in South MIAMI who told me that my sister was taken from me & my family by a person she called a friend.'

She went on to say: ' I had to call my mom and give her the detectives number so he could tell her because I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t tell my mom that my little sister was taken from us. This boy shot my sister in the head at close range and is only getting charged with 'MANSLAUGHTER'. This is not manslaughter this is CAPITAL MURDER! Then they’re trying to call it an ACCIDENT! He told us that “the 4 kids that were there” are saying it was an accident”. My mom went to the police station and she was screaming looking for my sister. She saw the kids and she saw the ONE Friend my mom recognized and the girl told her it was an accident and that she’s sorry. We’ve been calling the police station trying to find my sisters body since Monday night. They didn’t tell us till yesterday. My aunt went to look at my sisters body because we’re not in a good head space & I don’t think it’s a good idea to see her with a bullet in her head and have that memory haunting us for the rest of our lives so my aunt and 2 cousins went. They told us that my sisters face was swollen like a ballon. She has a black eye & it looks like she was shot from the back of her head.'

To make matters worse, the sister of the killer took to Instagram Live the day after the incident to say that her brother would be getting out soon because he has been granted bail.

Idol believes that the other people who were present during the incident are covering it up and she will not stop until the truth is revealed.

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