Cartel Crew: Betty Idol Pleads For Justice After The Person Who Killed Her Sister Is Let Out On House Arrest

Cartel Crew: Betty Idol Pleads For Justice After The Person Who Killed Her Sister Is Let Out On House Arrest
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Betty Idol took to Instagram to announce some heartbreaking news about her 17-year-old sister. Just weeks after revealing that the teen was killed, she's back with a gut-wrenching plea for those handling the case to do more in the fight for #justiceforgigi.

The high schooler was hanging with friends on May 18th when she was shot in the back of the head by another 17-year-old. Those who were there told authorities that it was an accident; however, Betty shared video of the killer boasting a loaded gun on social media the day of the murder.

She explained to her followers that she does not believe that this was an accident -- but instead a conscious decision. The Cartel Crew star revealed that the suspect is only being hit with manslaughter charges which the family thinks is not enough.

To make matters worse, Idol and family found out that the suspect has been released on house arrest.

She shared a series of raw videos of her speaking on the nightmare situation.

'There is no justice in Miami. I don’t have my sister anymore. These people don’t feel my pain. Now this guy is just out. He is out free.'

Betty is fully planning to fight this.


There is a Gofundme set up so people can donate and help the family with the legal fees associated with the case.

'The justice system has not been fair to my family from the beginning of Giselle’s case. The person who killed our Giselle is now on “House Arrest” after only spending 2 weeks in jail. Due to these circumstances we created this GoFundme to assist us “the family” with legal fees. We were told that this case can take up to 2-4 years before he can be convicted. But we need your help to make sure Giselle “Gigi” gets the #Justice she deserves. Please help us share this and support our family who is going through the most difficult time that a family can endure, and in an already stressed time for all.'

So far, it's reached $11k of its $50k goal.

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