Carrie Underwood Posts Photo Of Son's Birthday Party -- When Will The 'American Idol' Reveal Her New Face After The Fall?

Carrie Underwood Posts Photo Of Son's Birthday Party -- When Will The 'American Idol' Reveal Her New Face After The Fall?
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Carrie Underwood is celebrating the 3rd birthday of her son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, and even sharing a picture from the party.

It has been a difficult few months for the American Idol winner who seems to be hiding since revealing that she suffered a terrible fall during the year-end holidays which left her with a scar.

Mike Fisher's wife has more or less stopped posting selfies or photographs to show her whole face since the incident.

Despite being reluctant to posts her new face, the vocalist shared with her millions of followers an adorable picture of Isaiah's original Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake.

She said it was hard to eat the cake and added: "Too cute to eat (but we did anyway)! @iveycakestore did it again!!! Isaiah loved his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake! Thanks, @iveychilders for making my sweet baby happy. (I know, I know, he’s not a baby anymore ...but he’ll always be MY baby)."

One person salivating over the cake explained: "That’s awesome! My (almost) 2-year-old daughter LOVES MMCH!! Happy Birthday, Isaiah! You prob won't see this post, but I wanted you to know that when I hear your music, I listen with my ears, never my eyes. My point, you sing beautifully, and rumor says you fell and have endured some scratches on your face. Don't stop singing, you are one of those few who sing with your soul, and it shows. Perfect Carrie didn't have work done. If she did, she would be flaunting it. So shame on you. It's obvious she is insecure right now, and as a woman, we should stand together and support her."

Another commenter had this to say: "I really cannot see any differences.....maybe I am blind. But I do not see anything different. Ms. Carrie, you are a beautiful Lady, and it has nothing to do with the outside, it is all on the inside. Your faith in God makes you shine like a beacon, and His hand raises you up. Love to you and yours from Texas."

A naysayer believes like Wendy Williams, Underwood had surgery, and she is hiding it.

The person claimed: "Oh, come on already. I think she has had some work done. I see a lot of people that look worse than Carrie in my everyday life, that picture is disgusting. Shame on you Carrie. Making me like you less now, where is the Carrie we all know. stop the game already."

Do you think she will ever show her face?

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