Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack On Plane

Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack On Plane
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Actress Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack Friday and was hospitalized and listed in critical condition, said firefighters and witnesses.

The 60-year-old actress suffered a cardiac arrest on a London-Los Angeles flight and passengers administered emergency resuscitation (cardiac and mouth-to-mouth) treatments, reports TMZ.

The incident occurred 15 minutes before landing in Los Angeles, adds TMZ.

Fisher who resumed her role in The Force Awakens, was rushed to hospital after landing.

Erik Scott, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles firefighters, confirmed that "at 12:11 pm firefighters (...) responded to an emergency call at LAX airport gate 74 (a plane from London) Because of a cardiac arrest, "without going so far as to give the name of the actress.

"They immediately administered intensive care (...) and transported her to a local hospital," Erik Scott added.

The daughter of actress Debbie Reynolds is now in critical condition, said the a report from the Los Angeles Times, citing sources of the emergency services.

Anna Akana, who says on her Twitter account to have traveled on the same flight as the actress, wrote: "I do not know how to react but Carrie Fisher stopped breathing on the flight that brought us back home. I hope she gets out of it. "

"Thank you very much to the staff of United Airlines who rushed to help her and the doctor and the nurse among the passengers who helped her," she added.

For its part, United airline released a statement that read, "medical personnel came out to flight 935 from London to Los Angeles after the crew had reported that a passenger was inanimate. Our thoughts are with our client. "

The actress's spokesperson has not responded.

Carrie Fisher grew up in the heart of Hollywood and the movie industry, daughter of Debbie Reynolds, best known for his role in Singing in the Rain (1952), and another actor Eddie Fisher.

She was propelled to the front of the stage with her role as the rebellious Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

In various interviews in recent years, she admitted she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffered from drug and cocaine addiction. She admitted to having used drugs during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back, released in 1980.

She also revealed that she underwent electroshock therapy, a method of delivering an electric current of varying intensity in the brain.

Bestselling author, she has chronicled her demons and her struggle with drugs and alcohol in ‘Wishful Drinking,’ Her new book, ‘The Princess Diaries’ was recently released.


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