Carol Burnett Shares How She And Husband Brian Miller Are Handling The Coronavirus Lockdown

Carol Burnett Shares How She And Husband Brian Miller Are Handling The Coronavirus Lockdown
Credit: Source: Carol Burnett/Instagram

Funnywoman Carol Burnett granted Closer magazine an interview for their upcoming April 27, 2020, issue where she discussed how she and her husband, Brian Miller, 63, are handling the Coronavirus pandemic together. Carol and Brian have been married since 2001 and at 86-years-old, Carol Burnett's age makes her vulnerable to the deadly virus. Coronavirus has been extremely tough on those 60-years-old and older as well as those with underlying health conditions.  Carol has been doing everything correctly and is practicing social distancing, even from her children. Though she is committed to practicing self-distancing, she made it clear that she is having a difficult time being separated from her family.

Speaking to Closer Carol Burnett stated the following.

"Not being able to socialize and see my family, that's tough, but we keep in touch. I talk to my sister and my kids almost every day and everybody's doing as well as can be expected."

Carol explained that she and her husband have been spending a lot of time together watching classic movies. Carol continued.

"We've watched Singin' in the Rain, which I know by heart, but I can always watch it again — and again and again. Then we got a little bit dark and watched Gaslight."

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm and there are currently more than 2.5 million confirmed cases around the world. The United States has seen more than 45,300 deaths with more people dying by the thousands each day. There have been more than 19,000 deaths in New York alone.

These are scary times and it is a good thing that Carol isn't spending her quarantine alone. Even though she is 86-years-old, Carol appears to be in great health. Fans adore Carol and are so happy that she is alive, healthy and doing well, even though there is a deadly pandemic going on.

What do you think about the way Carol Burnett is handling the Coronavirus pandemic? Have you been having a difficult time with self-isolation? Are you missing spending time with family and friends?

Are you watching a lot of movies like Carol Burnett and her husband Brian Miller?

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