Carmelo Anthony Is Making Moves On Wife La La With An Interesting Picture After Alleged Baby Mama Mia Angel Burks Grabbed Headlines

Carmelo Anthony Is Making Moves On Wife La La With An Interesting Picture After Alleged Baby Mama Mia Angel Burks Grabbed Headlines
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Carmelo Anthony is letting the world know that he finds his wife, La La Anthony, very gorgeous.

A lot has transpired between La La and the famous basketball star. After being together for several years, raising a son; La La filed for divorce.

It is believed that Carmelo had an affair with Mia Angel Burks which led to the birth of a baby girl named Genesis.

While the divorce process has not been stopped, it was rumored that the power couple had reconciled.

Recently, Carmelo declared his love for La La by sharing a sexy photo with the caption: "Just Because."

One fan said: "Melo goofy over this divorce smh ??‍♂️ having money and a hottie doesn’t make a mf any smarter. That outfit is flawless. I said that!!! This looks like ART! [email protected] Is Starting To Play A Lil Better Now That Y’all Back Together Lol."

Another commenter stated: "Can't find the right words to describe how great you look. Where's Melo, we looking for him. Thought this was Beyonce for a second. Kobe cheated and his wife took him back and they have another baby. So if he wanna post lala this his page let it be. What is wrong with ppl just because La La don't post him don't mean they ain't together cause from what I'm seeing they still creeping around and that's why ion say things. that's still her child's father they ain't stop talking they just not posting like everybody else ??."

This supporter wrote: "This statement is about growth. We just speak a different language. By posting a photo of ya lady, after you screw up, means nothing. Cuz I don’t know these people. But my post was meant was none of us are clean so if we do mess up, eat ya mistake and push forward. It’s too much about who's wrong or right vs acceptance, reality, forgiveness and a decision. If the man pushing thru and LaLa rocking with him then let them grow in their union."

A source told Hollywood Life despite the Mia drama, the pair is still in love.

The insider said: “LaLa is not seeing anyone else, she’s very much in love with Carmelo. Things are very good between them right now, Carmelo’s done everything she’s asked him to do to rebuild the trust and to fix their marriage. She’s happy. But she’s also not about to let him get too comfortable. He’s still courting her and working to impress her, and she loves it. Their marriage is still a work in progress. But as far as their divorce, as it stands right now, it’s off. They’re a couple, and they’re very happy again.”

La La is shinning really bright at the moment.

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    BARBARA MICKENS Nov 21, 2018 2:16 PM PST

    I give thank to the Anthony family, but you and La La have to accept genesis into your life, she is Carmelo daughter, I love her, she is a beautiful little girl, be happy you got her, thank you, send love to you, a follow of you and La La, you and Carmelo are a very beautiful couple

  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Nov 21, 2018 1:58 PM PST

    well I'm glad they back together if that's what they want. And he should be praising his wife all the time. Get it baby mama? Wife? You know the difference? Baby mama is defined as y'all ****ed, got stuck ashamed embarrassed and not good enough to make a lifetime commitment, wife defined as blessed by God, beautiful, caring, loving, morals, family oriented, smart, educated,ambitious,independent everything a baby mama is not get it?

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